Greetings, adventurers of the Krosmoz! We're here to explain the upcoming Krosmaster system which will soon be made available!

Today we have a lot of information to share with you regarding the  Krosmaster Arena coming soon to WAKFU. So let's get started, shall we?


All national Gambling Joints, including Astrub's,  will be outfitted with boardgame tables which you'll be able to utilize to play Krosmaster Arena! Simply click and you're off on a brand new adventure!

When you play Krosmaster Arena from within WAKFU, you won't be logged out -- you'll simply be launched into the new virtual gaming space, and when you're done, you'll be right back at the gaming table!


Any creature found in the World of Twelve has a chance to drop Small Krosmaster Trinket Boxes -- sealed containers which contain a randomly selected digital figurine from an available pool of 42 different pieces. Each figurine has a rarity level which ranges from common, rare or even legendary.

You can also find special Krosmaster Trinket Boxes which have a higher chance of offering Krosmaster figurines of higher rarities. And naturally, if you desire the very best, you'll have to work for it...! These "Prestige" Trinket Boxes can be obtained by defeating dungeon bosses.

(Prototype image, text to be localized)


Storage has always been a sensitive subject with the community, so we'd like to be very up-front with this topic: you will have no storage problem with your Krosmaster figurines! Initially, any figurines you obtain will be kept within your standard character inventory. At the time you designate, you'll then be able to "activate," or "use," the object, effectively consuming it, which will then send the figurine directly to a special "collector's catalogue" designed to house your Krosmaster pieces!

This collection is linked to your account, and you'll be able to consult it whenever you like using the "Krosmaster Display Window" -- available in the Gambling Joints. You'll even be able to knock one of these windows together for your Haven Bag!


Now that we've let the Bow Meow out of the bag about storage, we may as well tell you about crafting, too!

As well as enriching your collection and all your potential Krosmaster Arena teams, these figurines also have a whole bunch of other uses!

We've cooked up dozens of craftable items for Handymen and Bakers that will enable you to decorate your Haven Bag (with Krosmaster statues), play Krosmaster Arena more quickly (with Arena gaming tables for your Haven Bag), access your collection more easily (with Krosmaster display windows) and improve your fighting abilities (with Krosmaster pancakes).

That means that getting doubles won't be a drag! As for those of you who aren't into Krosmaster Arena, you'll still find a use for any figurines you drop.


Krosmaster Arena's arrival in WAKFU will also bring about a heap of quests... AND rewards!

You'll be offered daily quests within the different national Gambling Joints, and a more trying quest will await you right in the heart of Astrub!

But we've already said too much... you'll just have to wait and see now...


As well as experience, these Krosmaster Arena quests will allow you to win all sorts of items!

That's right: titles, insignia, sets and exclusive pets will all be up for grabs as rewards for the quests and exploits linked to Krosmaster Arena.

Example of a reward weapon: Pic a Choux (level 30): 14 Air damage, +2% Critical Hits, -10 Willpower, +7% damage, +3 Level to Fire spells, +3 Levels to Water spells.

(Prototype image, text to be localized)

You can also choose one of the following pets:

(Prototype image, text to be localized)

At level 0, these pets give +1 HP and upon reaching maximum level, these pets will add 2 levels to spells in the elemental branch chosen.


After a season of Krosmaster Arena to get everyone warmed up, the highest ranked players will be rewarded with Kroz -- a "currency" that can only be obtained through playing well in certain events, such as tournaments. The lucky winners will be able to use their Kroz to make purchases in a special store stocked with rare items, such as ultimate sets, weapons, and exclusive bags!

And for an example of the Bill Tell's Bow: Bow level 100, +300 HP & +30 Dodge & +22 Agility & +35% Air damage & +3 levels for Air spells & +1 Range & +1 AP. Its attack will cost 5 AP, for a range of 4-7, an area of effect of one cell, it will inflict 50 Air damage (75 in Critical Hit).

This is just one example of the dozens of unique weapons a pouch full of Kroz could get you!

You've got it: only the most dedicated players will earn Kroz to spend on this new content!


If, despite all that, you just aren't interested in keeping the Krosmaster figurines you obtain in WAKFU, you'll be able to sell them for bright and shiny kamas thanks to a new Krosmaster filter in the marketplace!  You might not be a chief tactician on the Krosmaster Arena board, but at least you'll be laughing like an Enutrof all the way to the bank.

"I wanna be the Krosmaster, like no one ever was!
To drop them is my real test, to play and win some Kroz...!"

Song by Sasha, the die-hard collector.
Well, hopefully see you soon in the World of Twelve for a heated Krosmaster Arena battle!
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Pakonitan 27 October 2012 02:36
Love the Pokemon reference at the bottom. This sounds like it will be fun.
Ancient Eradicator
GodIsWithUs 27 October 2012 02:39

(SE-Sabi @ 26 October 2012 23:23) *
"I wanna be the Krosmaster, like no one ever was! To drop them is my real test, to play and win some Kroz...!"

I will be coming with a lawsuit shortly...

Ash Ketchum/Professor Oak
Ninjjo 27 October 2012 04:07
Sweet Jesus flapjacks that bow. This will keep my mind off things on my down time between grinding.
biftec15 27 October 2012 04:52
That song at the end did it for me. Looking forward to this update and seeing what kind of changes it brings.
Miss Winter Fashion Victim
georgem1chael 27 October 2012 05:22
Dat Bill Tell's Bow. @.@ 
FeldePard 27 October 2012 05:47

(georgem1chael @ 27 October 2012 05:22) *
Dat Bill Tell's Bow. @.@
Asgreth 27 October 2012 17:20
So pumped.
This is more exciting than the limited run TCG inside Dofus.
Larva Rangers
Onesti 27 October 2012 20:50
Yes! Handyman crafts!
yony7427 28 October 2012 01:19
Ooohhh will all this be implemented in the October 30th update?
Ambitious Crackapult
Orphiant 28 October 2012 14:37
I want a fire pet!

But dang? Why is that lvl 100 weapon so terribly godly compared to any other lvl 100 weapon? Balance??? Not even just makas, but it makes the alomoken weapons look like garbage too.