Tomorrow, the Foggernauts will make their final entrance in WAKFU. Did you already ask yourself how they’d react when first facing the celebration of Al Howin? How would they cut the pumpkin? How would they dress up? Would their mechanized stomach survive the sweets? You can tell us what you think by participating to our fanart contest!

Tell us about the first contact of the Foggernauts with Al Howin in WAKFU with your fanarts!
The 3 best contributions will receive:
  • 1st price: 1x Stuffed Borbat, 1x Stuffed Cursed Gobball, 1x Borbat Tree, 1x Vampyric Gate, 1x Skeleton (Haven-Bag decorations), 1x Ghoul Costume (insignia), 1x exclusive forum avatar, 1x exclusive ingame title, 1x 3 month subscription to WAKFU.
  • 2nd price: 1x Stuffed Borbat, 1x Stuffed Cursed Gobball, 1x Borbat Tree, 1x Vampyric Gate (Haven-Bag decorations), 1x exclusive forum avatar, 1x exclusive ingame title, 1x 2 month subscription to WAKFU.
  • 3rd price: 1x Stuffed Borbat, 1x Stuffed Cursed Gobball  (Haven-Bag decorations), 1x exclusive forum avatar, 1x exclusive ingame title, 1x 1 month subscription to WAKFU.

As long as they can be sent via email, all fanarts are allowed: illustration, photography, picture editing, 3D animation, cosplay, stitching, cooking, sculpture, videa, comics, text, and more.

  • Your fanart must be about the theme “Foggernauts celebrate Al Howin”,
  • You must be a Remington player,
  • You must have an Ankama account,
  • You don’t need to be subscribed,
  • Only one entry is allowed per participant (only the first email will be used),
  • An entry can include more than one element, if coherent with each other and included in the same email. For example you can add a drawing to your story. It is not allowed to send two elements that don’t complete each other (and therefore try to submit two entries),
  • If your entry includes a video, it mustn’t last more than 10 minutes and must be hosted on Youtube with the keywords “WAKFU Contest Foggernauts Al Howin 2012” (and the link must be included in the email),
  • The title of the email containing your entry must be: Ankama Display name –WAKFU Al Howin Contest (example: [Troyle] – WAKFU Al Howin Contest),
  • The display name provided in the title must match the game account on which you wish to receive the rewards, should you be selected,
  • Your entry must be sent to the email address:,
  • The email must not exceed 2 Mb,
  • By sending an entry, you accept that Ankama might reuse your fanart and post it publicly on the forums, social networks or any media, should you be selected as a winner, or not. However; no private information will be revealed without your permission.
You have until Monday, October 29th, 8:30 am GMT to submit your entries!
Winners will be revealed on Al Howin, the Wednesday 31st of October!
Comments (11) Comment on the forum...
Kikuihimonji - Member - 15 October 2012 15:20
Subscribtion as rewards? Me gusta! And title and insygnia. Wooah i'm gonna start drawing now.
PurpleShadowXD 15 October 2012 15:51
Im in this, so fear me xD Nice that we have something like this now ;3 so we can celebrate this with our fanart
Spazturtle 15 October 2012 16:01
ooh I might try this. Time to start making some fogger pumpkins.
Omean - Member (+) - 15 October 2012 17:24
sounds good!smile great idea!smile
Genepe - Member - 15 October 2012 23:27
Would first prize be the only way one gets the Ghoul Costume?
Spazturtle 15 October 2012 23:34
I hope not, I hope we can alle all three of the Al Halowin Insignias in game.

Anyway i'v ordered soem nice explosive to use in my 'art'
Chie45 16 October 2012 11:33
Great idea !
MaSzyna 18 October 2012 13:30
Where I can find
halowen monsters?
[MOD]O-Respeitador - Member (+) - 18 October 2012 19:23
They are not out yet. wink

O Respeitador 
SeaBreezer 23 October 2012 21:49
If i create a music, will it be accepted by the rules?