Osamodas don’t follow like a Gobball and are more the type to take the Moowolf by the horns! Discover the Osamodoas in Krosmaster Arena!

Krosmaster Arena is the first expansion shared by DOFUS and WAKFU. Get your hands on the virtual figurines from these two games and have a battle in between quests! Even if you only play one of these MMORPGs, you’ll be able to face adversaries from the other!

If you could listen through the doors of Krosmaster Arena, you would probably hear all sorts of roars… Osamodas use their whips and train again and again!

Prepare yourself; Osamodas are ready to bare fangs!

Discover new figurines each week until the release of Krosmaster Arena!
giooseppe 10 October 2012 17:28
Don't have Fecas sad
Domesday 10 October 2012 17:55
Hey when will come enoufs in krosmaster!! :S
krishsakti - Member - 10 October 2012 19:12
It would be nice expansion.. but i honestly waiting for the haven world to come biggrin
Soundtrack8 10 October 2012 22:43
can't wait to see the rest of the classes and how they pan out biggrin
Just a question though, will masqueraiders be included or left out until released into wakfu?