When you see the energy they spend in smashing their opponents, Foggernauts will surely break a lot of spirits, and bodies also! For your own safety, better become one of them already… See for yourself!

Foggernauts are once again showing off their incredible strength and powers: they’re about to pile up victories!

To those who are already completely convinced about the superiority of this class, please keep in mind that the owners of the WAKFU Mag #2 will get an early access to the Foggernauts!
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Neuroid 11 September 2012 23:10
Yeah, exactly! It feels like a mob and not like a class.

Also the Prince and the Foggers from the series are all humans that use mechanisms/steamflexes, not even androids. The prince himself looks like a Dofus Foggernaut (though many times more fabulous), don't really understand why on earth we won't get THOSE Foggernauts as a class. Unless this turns up to be a huge joke about how this "invasion" went as far as claiming the class.
Gygas10 11 September 2012 23:17
Maybe they would have added a girl version if the design were based more on their Dofus counterparts, however i do think this new humanoid mecha theme will add some flavour to the design. I actually think it's kind of cool . Shame there is no girl design but some things you have to deal with.
LeoAdeliet 11 September 2012 23:47
They officially confirmed that are no girls? Or is it just because no one saw one yet?
Neuroid 11 September 2012 23:52

(LeoAdeliet @ 11 September 2012 23:47) *
They officially confirmed that are no girls? Or is it just because no one saw one yet?
...Did you even watch the video?
Grizzled Dandelion
Bwoha 12 September 2012 00:10
If foggers in anime were people-people, then I really don't get why Ankama would ever introduce terminators as a class instead of actual steamers. One could argue that it's because steam-robot's look is unique, but is it really?
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In my opinion, they look a lot like Xelors, except without their bandages.

And even if they did want to go for unique look, why not give alternatives? Anyone remembers Srams-male for dofus?
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I adored the class and its' mechanics, but I absolutely hated the boney look of male-sram and was glad they gave a way more "vanilla" alternative female variant.
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Wish they did the same here.
Ugly Gobball
Asmis 12 September 2012 07:54
Well, that's one different looking class xD
not saying i didn't liked the whole ''mecha-humanoid'' thing, but it does look QUITE different from the Dofus foggernauts.
Well, still they seen cool and their mechanics (even though i don't exactly much about each branch) looks decent.
Soundtrack8 12 September 2012 08:42
if you choose to create a character class on wakfu you can see the foggernaut class, although it only shows a 'male' version on the left side - even if they say its genderless...
Even if it is more masculine they will hopefully add double the amount of customization to compromise
Narcissistic Larva
Domesday 12 September 2012 09:01
it might be subscribers 1st but soon it will be for every one
krishsakti 12 September 2012 09:44

LOL , I hate those red words  
dBlueCore 12 September 2012 13:16
well... if foggernauts have statis tree spell, i hope masqueraiders have wakfu tree spell