More rules! Izmar and Troyle (and a hidden GG button) give you more details about the rules of the new expansion for both DOFUS and WAKFU. Today, you’ll learn about the GG points (no kidding), your mean to achieve victory!

You already know everything about the character cards, but how to achieve victory? After all, that’s the objective of all fighters who set foot in the Arena! How else could you take the lead in the Ladder of Krosmaster Arena? To get there, you’ll have to understand how to get GG tokens, so watch our new video carefully!

If you want to know more, you can already visit our dedicated page on the official website.

We will see you soon with a new point of rules, in video!

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krishsakti 10 September 2012 18:13
OMG!! NYAN CAT! been slained by Izmar  
DOFUS Community Manager
[Izmar] 10 September 2012 18:20
The Nyan cat came to visit our offices earlier in the month, and she was just in the mood for some cuddles that day, but don't worry, she's still fine and hanging out with her other buddies around the headquarters!

krishsakti 10 September 2012 20:21
OH GOD thanks !
You just made my heart stop for awhile
Glad nyan cat still fine with u , wanna cuddle with it too  
milordDen 10 September 2012 20:24
seriously.... it's boring... where is may "wakfu war guild with guild"?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why you dunno???
S48GSII 11 September 2012 00:16
More fun-casual content after undead UB.Good  
ledes1020 12 September 2012 04:07
Troyle *-*