Do you think you’ve got what it takes to bring down an Ultimate Boss? Prove it! Be the first to take one of them out, and fortune and glory will be yours!

Ultimate Bosses are just setting foot on the World of Twelve, and heroes are setting on their trails to hunt them down!
A bounty has been placed on each of these monsters. Be the first to take one down, and fame will be yours!

Show no mercy! Only one group will be rewarded for each boss!

Here are your targets:
  • Excarnus
  • Black Crow
  • Moowolf
  • Gobbalrog
Each member of the first group to bring down one of these Ultimate Bosses will receive the following:
  • A complete Milimoowolf set
  • The Ultimate Slayer title ingame
  • Public recognition on the Wakfu main page

Now a word from Zeorus, the evil mind behind these Forces of Nature:
“Be prepared the face a thousand deaths, only the best among the bests shall survive… Enjoy!”


  • Aestus - Undertakers
  • Hasyah - Undertakers
  • Lady Gaga - Undertakers
  • Naftalina - Undertakers
  • Ninfeta - Undertakers
  • Joselbt - La Guild

Black Crow


  • Mieling - One For All
  • Pyrelina - One For All
  • Tada - One For All
  • Starry - One For All
  • Feo - Outcast
  • Ynnael - Outcast


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Adagak 09 August 2012 15:03
We should get a set from de UB we defeated...

Well, good luck Valiant Warriors! (Who will get a nice title

Tofurby on Diet
vainswan 09 August 2012 17:26
Here's your moowolf.

From One for All guild and Outcast guild with love and justice

p/sops, forgot Outcast
Overweighted Chafer
leannia 09 August 2012 20:38
Huh, from One for All and my little Outcast guild too

Feo/Ynnael here  
Lead Community Manager
[Troyle] 10 August 2012 14:38
That's right!

Here is the first team to kill the Moowolf:
  • Mieling - One For All
  • Pyrelina - One For All
  • Tada - One For All
  • Starry - One For All
  • Feo - Outcast
  • Ynnael - Outcast

Congratulations! The set will be sent to you shortly.
The title will come later, as it has yet to be implemented into the game (that's how exclusive it is!).
KamOlaZ 10 August 2012 18:34
Now do it again wearing regular gears, not UB gears.
Zadistforlife 10 August 2012 18:58

Is there a limit in place? In regards to the sets and prizes?

I mean one individual receiving all 4 sets just because they were tagging along and whatnot seems a little.. unfair. More so considering the title is limited and thus is "wasted" as the person already has it (meaning 3 individuals who could have a chance of earning the title miss out, in a way).

But what do I care, I'll end up buying the parts I want when I can afford it in the distant future.. the dungeons weren't made for the casual gamer .
Overweighted Chafer
leannia 10 August 2012 21:13
Haters gonna hate
Anyway, ty Troyle
W8ing for title *-*
Zadistforlife 11 August 2012 01:06

(leannia @ 10 August 2012 21:13) *
Haters gonna hate
Anyway, ty Troyle
W8ing for title *-*

I honestly don't know who you are! Thus why would I hate on you? I know right, big surprise! But I suppose trolls are going to troll, regardless .

I was pointing out how illogical it is, as it means that players don't have a chance of earning this "omgwtfsuperhax title". However if that was somehow misinterpreted and misconstrued (on your end, of course) as an attack on your ego, well, I'm sorry, but that's a little silly now isn't it?


Overweighted Chafer
leannia 11 August 2012 01:17
lold, it wasnt to ur comment and it was a joke XD
but still, i know that its lil bit unfair to ppl without WB sets, but gvamp with good runes and any ap ammy actually are the same as any WB set. ok, u will looe 20-30 dmg, dodge or resists, but still u will get 2 ap without any penalty.

OFC to get it will take some time and money, like it take ALOT of time that we was camping at WB...

and dont forget that u can buy anything, ppl change their builds (even branches, aspesially now after reset) so they sell old sets and buying new one and so one...