Discover the first part of the changelog of our newest WAKFU Update: Questing for Bosses, released on August 7th!

Today we unveil the first part listing all the new content that will be implemented on August 7th.

The second part listing further improvements and bug fixing will be communicated in the next days.



Class balancing

As we announced a few days ago, a global class balancing will be held. Find out more, class by class, by following these links:

These major changes to the thirteen classes come with a total restat (spells experience, ability and specialty points).

Note that along with this balancing, the bugs linked to the classes will be fixed as well.

New pets: the Milimoowolf and the Baby Schnek

If you are fond of animals you will be thrilled thanks to the new pets: the Milimoowolf and the Baby Schnek!

The Milimoowolf brings you bonuses to Block and resists and can be obtained as a classical fight loot. Work out to find out which monsters drop it!

Regarding the Baby Schnek, it brings you a Wisdom bonus. How can you get it? Remember, the last time you visited the Queen Schnek, what happened to her eggs? Small tip to help you finding how to get one of her babies…

New quest system

We have improved the current quest system in order to make it more dynamic and varied. Now you can experiment four kinds of quest: the Adventure, the Environmental, the Automatic and the Discovery quests.

We also have clarified the quests interface to make it more accessible: the Quest Book has been reorganised, the ergonomic design of the Achievement Monitor has been enhanced and we have made a few more improvements for greater readability and global comprehension.

Do you want to know more about it? Check this Devblog article!

New worldboss system: the Ultimate Bosses

A new major improvement that is close to your heart: the implementation of a new WorldBoss system, the "Ultimate Bosses".

This improvement is linked to the previous point about the Quest Book. You will have to finish a quest to access the different Ultimate Bosses' Lairs that are now open to all. No more time spent waiting for your turn: now, you all have a chance to try to beat them!

To find out the access conditions for this high level content, read the dedicated Devblog article.

And welcome to the latest arrival in the Ultimate Bosses family: the Gobbalrog! You can find him in Brakmar: you'll have to venture at the foot of the volcano and search for the clues that will bring you to the doors of his residence... You asked for a challenge? Here you go...

Amaknians, Bontarians and Sufokians, if you think you are safe, you are wrong: your Nations will soon see the advent of some exclusive Ultimate Bosses.

Note that the Ultimate Boss Gobbsage will be improved. The Gobbsage will not appear in all the Nations but only in the Wild Estate in its spectral shape: "Excarnus"!

But be careful... the Ultimate Bosses difficulty has been increased and the fight loots have also changed! You will find the details about it in the second part of the release note.

Some inhabitants of the World of Twelve are already singing this disturbing song: "Excarnus will steal your soul, the Moowolf will devour you, the Crow will steal you feathers and the Gobbalrog will make you go through hell!"

Pvp optimisation

One of the aims of the balancing is to restart on a sound basis to improve the PvP. With this patch, we start to implement some improvements like a Health Points boost during PvP fights, a new timeline system or a non-aggression state after a defeat during a PvP fight.

You can find all these improvements in the dedicated Azael's Devblog article.

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Comments (64)
Community Manager
[Troyle] 07 August 2012 11:15
Yes, that one.
Grizzled Dandelion
Makako123 07 August 2012 11:21

you will be able to reset your abilities twice (once when logging in, and another time when completing the quest).
try on my alt first . restat x2, reset spell x1
Featherless Piwi
naiaru 07 August 2012 11:25
GUYS HELP ME I'm trying to get on the server remington but it wont let me and ideas

any ideas
Ugly Gobball
Asteria-pl 07 August 2012 11:26
Same here, I think that Servs are still off ^^
Overweighted Chafer
leannia 07 August 2012 11:32
why u ppl cant read xD
its ridiculous.
Featherless Piwi
naiaru 07 August 2012 11:38
oh ok thx asteria
ChocoboKnight 07 August 2012 11:51

@ChocoboKnightThere are some people in my guild who is going to change their build to Air cra, they told me it's OP again. And besides it's very easy to get +2 MP. That's never been a problem for a cra. 1 from stats, and 1 from boots and there you go. Even without putting points in stats, it's not that difficult to get +2MP.

Theres no way to achieve 6mp without spending point in stats.

To get 9ap 6mp, theres 2 ways.

6 ap 3 mp from Base
1 ap from Maka
1 ap from Amu

1 ap 1 mp from Set
2 mp from Stats


2 mp from Set
1 ap 1 mp from Stats

9ap 6mp

To get 0 ap 2 mp = 250 points = 62.5% element dmg & res.
To get 1 ap 1 mp = 250 points = 62.5% element dmg & res.

I made a est calculation:

6ap 4mp air cra est 500% dmg = 2 x 52storm dmg. (Tornado & 1 x windy beacon dmg not include)

9ap 6mp air cra est 400% dmg = 3 x 52storm dmg. (Tornado & 1 x windy beacon dmg not include)


9ap 3mp fire cra est 500% dmg = 3 x 55 blazing dmg.

u didnt notice that air will deal aoe dmg instead fire with blazing.

I know about storm T aoe, this is just about raw dmg from spells.
Overweighted Chafer
leannia 07 August 2012 11:55
u didnt notice that air will deal aoe dmg instead fire with blazing.
Ecstatic Whisperer
Chrolo 07 August 2012 12:03
If you dont include AoE and Tornado then sure Fire will deal more damage, but air is better if you include both.

Btw 2 MP should be only 250 points not 300

But yeah i'll agree with you that Air Cra wont be as OP as people might think. The last nerf just hit them way to hard. It should have been either the ap cost increase or the damage nerf alongside with the beacon sneaking nerf, but not both.
Happy Miliboowolf
Sargent-Wiggest 07 August 2012 12:06
Its already 10 am GMT. Always late....