Today’s Devblog comes from Azael, Lead Game Designer on WAKFU, who will give you all the details about the concept of the Mobile Arenas!


From the Shustuft Crust to Mobile Arenas

You oldies will no doubt remember the “Shustuft” dungeons, where the aim was to survive for the longest time possible against waves of increasingly powerful monsters.

We initially decided to simply improve these dungeons, but we ultimately realised that all our modifications had resulted in an improvement that was anything but simple. In fact, we’ve ended up with a whole new type of content to introduce to the WAKFU MMO.Here, amongst the devs, we’ve nicknamed them the Arcade Dungeons.

These dungeons will appear as Mobile Arenas that come from the Trool Fair, and they’ll crop up in Astrub as well as different spots within each Nation.


How to access Mobile Arenas

Our aim was to create a much more arcade-focused gaming experience and we wanted to make it accessible for everyone.

So we made sure that the Arenas are visible from your map using a dedicated marker. To enter into one of these arenas, you’ll need to use the Bronze Tokens won either at the Trool Fair or from challenges.

Each Mobile Arena will present various groups of monsters – that is to say, monsters that you’re familiar with but don’t normally face all together as a group.

E.g. The Cania Swamps Mobile Arena will bring you Bliblis, Scaras, Plants and Snappers!

New game rules

Your aim is simple: get the highest score!

Each monster will earn you a certain number of points according to its level.

You’ll have to face waves of increasingly powerful monsters that will bring you more and more points.

The game takes place in “Rounds”. Each Round consists of five waves of monsters, the fifth of which is always a boss!

As soon as the boss appears, you’ll have just five turns to kill all the monsters present in the Arena. If you fail, you lose!
Once all the monsters have been killed, a new Round will begin and the monsters’ levels will increase (normally by five).
(feature ine development and not yet translated)


Bonuses/Penalties, Events and Challenges

During the course of a Round, one Bonus/Penalty and one Event will appear.

The Bonus/Penalty will affect the players immediately but will last just one turn.

E.g. The “Stocked” bonus will allow you to recover HP if you step onto a particular cell.

Events are there to bring you extra points but will only be available for one turn.

E.g. The Golden Tofu will only appear for one turn and will bring you lots of points if killed... But it’s pretty good at dodging!

(feature in development and not yet fully translated)
A list of challenges will become available and can be seen as soon as a battle begins.

You can take on each challenge once per Round, bringing a hefty bonus to your score!

E.g. “Genocide” – Kill 6 enemies in one turn.


Once you’ve finished your battle in the Arena, you’ll be given a score and ranking. The ranking (A, B, C or D) will naturally depend on your score as well as the number of challenges you complete!

(feature in development and not yet translated)
The score is the same for the whole group, but the ranking will depend on your level. This means that a level 100 player will have to score a lot higher than a level 1 player to rank high. Come on – it needs to be fair!

The higher your score, the more rewards you’ll receive, and the rewards given will be adapted to your level.

You’ll be able to obtain up to 16 rewards, including experience points, goody bags containing different rare delights and items that can be smithmaged.

A level 30 player and a level 50 player will therefore be able to play together, earning rewards specifically suited to their characters.

Itching to know what’s up for grabs in these Mobile Arenas before going in all guns a-blazing? There will be a sign at the entrance to each one displaying the list of rewards available (for your level).

(feature in development and not yet translated)


Each Mobile Arena has a sign displaying the leaderboard of the top three teams. What's more, the players from the best team will appear just next to this sign. Pretty cool, right?

Let the games begin!

The rest of the team and I hope you enjoy this new idea!
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boksi 29 June 2012 16:17
Sargent-Wiggest 29 June 2012 16:20
Amazing, keep going Ankama!
milordDen 29 June 2012 16:24
ya do it!!!
ChocoboKnight 29 June 2012 16:39
Its like the rush dungeon revamp

The bonus / penalty system, remind me of FF7

Cool update info, wonder when next update come?
Kuba-Enu 29 June 2012 16:59

I see a big progress in Wakfu Team work. But Troyle, could you inform us, what is going to be first? As i think, at first it is going to be a WB revamp. We need some info what and when will appear. Will be there also Jelly Island added?
lievedraak 29 June 2012 17:28
Narcissistic Larva
SamirMok 29 June 2012 17:30
It seems way better that i thought would be when i saw it in the last post.

Keep going Ankama, hope it comes soon. (:
Lord Madgobb
Kikuihimonji 29 June 2012 17:51

E.g. The “Stocked” bonus will allow you to recover HP if you step onto a particular cell.
Awsome! This is exactly from my suggestion ^^ I'm happy to see that they will implement this.

Still i am worried about fairness in winning those at low level. Don't you know that some classes like Cra, Rogue or Iop have specialities that deal high dmg at low level? I mean.. they deal 20 or 30 damage wich is higher then normal damage of spells. Ever tried to Pvp low level Cra? It will own you with unbeacon. Unless Ankama will change all those spells somehow so that damage will be only from spells not from active specialities directly.

Another issue is to kill boss and all the monsters fast once th eboss appear... how can a tanking class do it? It seems that some builds will be impossible to win in there.
kaligoro 29 June 2012 18:03
Hmm.... it seems that this is the competitive version of PvE. I like it. You know why? Because while usually, PvP builds claim the fame in gameplay, this will give the PvE inclined a chance to shine as well, so each build can compete with its own strong points. It goes a long way in the path to balance. However, classes that use a slowly-but-surely approach to defeat enemies will suffer in the Arena. Therefore, I suggest this: Have 2 modes, as it where. speed and endurance. Speed will give more bonuses the faster you kill enemies but contain less enemies, and with less hp, at any given time, while endurance will have you up against many more enemies, with lots of hp, but there would be no time limit.

Just a thought