Discover Monk Island, the new high-level content in WAKFU starting April 10th, and defeat hordes of quirky clerics!

Monk Island… This little piece of land isolated from the rest of civilization. What in the World of Twelve do these religious fanatics do all the way out there?

What is truly going on there?! After many discussions and debates, ship captains have finally decided to start transporting adventurers to this mystical and mysterious island.

If spiritual singing and organ recitals leave you cold, you can journey to this dark place… at your own risk! Some even say that a Dungeon can be found there, the door to which only opens to those who fulfill specific requirements

Two courageous adventurers have undertaken a journey to find out just what’s going on and brought back with them some never-before-seen footage… They risked their skin (and numerous other body parts) but returned safely thanks to a miracle that none can explain… And here is what they saw on the Monk Island!


Ready or not…The Monk Island arrives on April 10th…

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negativeresistance 11 April 2012 04:06
So it's coming out and then in 3 hours maintenance? :/
Porpo 11 April 2012 04:08
wyvrencote|2012-04-11 03:50:20
Porpo|2012-04-11 03:42:00
wyvrencote|2012-04-11 03:10:03
cyndiloo|2012-04-11 03:04:00
wyvrencote|2012-04-11 02:55:50lost nothing?no wth bout the 4-5 dung run would have made already?i got 5 chars wich mean looots of kama and what bout the fun?im tired doing crow was waiting for this not paying 30$ a month to ankama to see every server get island and not us wow that was a kikoo answer dont answer to no one lol
Sir that is almost gibberish. I direct you to strunk and white's "elements of style." You'll get a lot further with your communication if anyone has a clue what you're speaking about. Calm down and organize your thoughts. There are some obvious hiccups in how things get translated from the French to us on Nox and obviously some kinks that still need working out, however I assure you no one purposefully did it to make you irrational and upset. We all pay for subscriptions. I pay for a cable bill too and i don't think it gives me the right to dicate the channel line up and ream people out every time i have an outage during a storm.
im french u prolly 1 of those noob who never played dofus and think u know how ankama work i been playing dofus for years i know how they work this the last time i answer to u noob annoy me
You're only on nox because the french people don't want sucked so bad that they exiled you to Nox for punishment. I've played dofus, ankama slacks hard, You mad bro. You want compensation because you've literally lost nothing and demand that developers should cater to your every need. Well guess what, you're playing their game and they do what they want. The only thing the devs need to give you is a big ol' whopping helping of nothing.
nice raging noob
I'm not raging, nor am I mad. I'm making fun of you. Obviously sense you're french you don't understand.
The only mad one would be you, as you're crying for free stuff since you apparently lost something.
Ink-lookx5 11 April 2012 04:35
Lol your making fun of him because hes french, but you used the word "sense" little ironic.
Porpo 11 April 2012 04:40
typing on your phone has it's draw backs.
Orphiant 11 April 2012 04:53
yeah i agree. porpo is generally pretty rtrded, but you get used to it.
Food16 11 April 2012 06:06
people still cant get in while some are there already on monk island
Blackeagle112 11 April 2012 06:11
Change your time zone via window's clock to Eastern Standard Time.
Food16 11 April 2012 06:17
thats stupid u should need ot change ur time zone
Blackeagle112 11 April 2012 06:19
Monk Island probably had a time zone lock on it. We probably could have gotten on the island in the same time as the French if we just changed to their time zone xD.
Food16 11 April 2012 06:21
shouldnt need to*