Discover Monk Island, the new high-level content in WAKFU starting April 10th, and defeat hordes of quirky clerics!

Monk Island… This little piece of land isolated from the rest of civilization. What in the World of Twelve do these religious fanatics do all the way out there?

What is truly going on there?! After many discussions and debates, ship captains have finally decided to start transporting adventurers to this mystical and mysterious island.

If spiritual singing and organ recitals leave you cold, you can journey to this dark place… at your own risk! Some even say that a Dungeon can be found there, the door to which only opens to those who fulfill specific requirements

Two courageous adventurers have undertaken a journey to find out just what’s going on and brought back with them some never-before-seen footage… They risked their skin (and numerous other body parts) but returned safely thanks to a miracle that none can explain… And here is what they saw on the Monk Island!


Ready or not…The Monk Island arrives on April 10th…

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Johnwiddin 06 April 2012 20:14
See that beam spell? Why not give that animation to Xelors for line of fire?
Eccentric Moogrr
Ultimasamune 06 April 2012 20:31
Anyone else find it funny how Ankama team is playing with an Iop and an Air Cra? It's almost like they know something....

But anyway... WOOT Looks cool!
Happy Miliboowolf
NamelessElement 06 April 2012 20:34
Guess Ill start playing again on the 10th
AngryYoshi 06 April 2012 20:37
I was kinda hoping that top pic was an actual screenshot and there really were monks on that island that were THAT huge. That would have been neat.
Happy Miliboowolf
poppyo 06 April 2012 20:46
That looks very cool! I wish I could go as my Sac but she's only lvl 15! XD
Soft Crackler
mwriot2 06 April 2012 21:48
I want new summons gimmie
snip3r 06 April 2012 22:01
wooooo cant wait
xiMigzx 06 April 2012 22:05
Looks awesome. x_x
TommyTrouble 06 April 2012 22:06
omg, a monk in a wheelchair that farts to teleport and do damage. I love it already.