Get ready for some clover spirit, the World of Twelve turns green for Saint Patsick! Come join the Pandawa-like merriment from Martalo (March) 15th-19th.

Crying, “Croquets and Master Mussels, alive, alive, oh!”

Saint Patsick's Day brings an enchanted time into the World of Twelve - a time to
begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic.

May the Gods take a liking to you and bring good luck and laughter.

During this special world event, you may find yourself wandering the fields of WAKFU in search of a lucky clover, but here is also what you may partake in:

  • Four-Leaf Clover: Can drop from creatures level 15 and above.

  • Clover Root Beer: Can be crafted from Four-Leaf Clovers as a level 0 Herbalist recipe, capable of granting you a bonus to Health Points while giving you lucky feet!

  • "Luckmeister" title: Can be obtained by completing the special achievement in which you craft 5 Clover Root Beers.


As a special gift of cheer, a Saint Patsick Hat (non-tradable gift available on all characters of the account) will be distributed to all who participate throughout the weekend. Demanded by the gods, it is!

Grab your lucky clover tomorrow, you only have until Monday!

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Thistled 14 March 2012 23:15
Why'd you log off of Wakfu, hacker.
Iniquity 14 March 2012 23:22
Please tell me the hat can go into storage ._.
Vaeisus 14 March 2012 23:22
Bonus storage please
SE-Sabi 14 March 2012 23:46
Thistled|2012-03-14 23:15:29Why'd you log off of Wakfu.

I actually was in-game briefly to start planting some clovers for tomorrow's Saint Patsick event, but I shall return in-game again as soon as we finish the Clover Root Beer 's preparation. happy

Iniquity|2012-03-14 23:22:44Please tell me the hat can go into storage ._.

Yes, the hat should be able to go in storage, if any issues with any of the items please do not hesitate to report them to us via the "Bug Reports" forum.

Vaeisus|2012-03-14 23:22:59Bonus storage please

That's a very valid request, we have forwarded all your concerns and suggestions regarding storage to the developers and more information will be received and given tomorrow.

I can say that I sense that the community will be happy with the future changes, psst..psst..ph34r

t00blar 14 March 2012 23:46
look at these meta comments
WinterCherry 14 March 2012 23:50
Sounds like it'll be an interesting weekend, then.
t00blar 14 March 2012 23:51
I can say that I sense that the community will be happy with the future changes, psst..psst..

happy as opposed to ?
always a good sign
gfunk4life360 14 March 2012 23:59
great idea
EmeraldPhoenix 15 March 2012 00:19
I like this. however, why is this item available for all characters, but the pioneer set is not.

just wondering...
AnnoyingLittle-ReiRei 15 March 2012 00:39
"Grab your lucky clover tomorrow, you only have until Monday!"

today is the 14th and the event is on the 16th ?_?