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When you'll call on them, they'll answer as swift as lightning.
They will soon be fighting for Justice by your side,
and under your control... Their name is the MULTIMEN!
Faster than his own shadow, Lumino is a vigilante who strikes his enemies down as quick as lightning. He takes them out faster than you can say "Firefoux"!
Fighting Style: Healer
Blinding Flash
A momentary flash which gives HP to a group of allies.
Final Hope
Lumino is able to guide his allies who have fallen in combat in order to give them a final hope.
Brilliant Explosion
Lumino concentrates light within him before letting it explode over an enemy who will then be pushed back.
Gentle Glow
A gentle and warm light which heals the superficial wounds of a target.
A healing spell Lumino can use from a great distance but which has very limited power.
Assimilation of Light
Lumino absorbs the ambient light to increase his regenerative power.
Firefoux Blood
The Firefoux Blood which runs in Lumino's veins makes him better at healing depending on the number of allies.
Shadow is a grim figure who feeds on evil desires. But why is he so evil? Probably because he was seduced by the dark side...
Fighting Style: Close combat damage-dealer
Phantom Menace
Shadow camouflages himself in the shadows before leaping upon his target.
Gruesome Sword
Shadow forges a sword from darkness to strike at his victim.
Shadowy Explosion
Shadow concentrates and condenses his dark power before letting it explode violently over nearby targets.
Choking Shadows
Shadow suffocates a target from a distance, and is strengthened as much as the target is weakened.
Shadowy Chain
Shadowy Chain makes it possible to hit multiple targets.
Assimilation of Shadows
Shadow assimilates the darkness to increase his hitting power.
Darkness Blood
The Darkness Blood running in Shadow's veins allows him to strengthen himself depending on the number of minions he has.
With a characteristic lack of subtlety, Trank says his favorite hobby is smashing enemies to a pulp before driving them six feet straight underground!
Fighting Style: Tank
Vine Grip
Trank grabs an enemy with his vines to pull them to him.
Sylvan Symbiosis
Trank puts himself in phase with an ally in order to take damage in his place.
Sap Surplus
Trank absorbs the Vitality of his target.
Trank covers the area with roots to limit the movements of his adversaries.
Sap Jet
Trank launches a ball of sticky sap to keep his enemies from leaving.
Rocky Road
Trank deforms the battlefield to prevent the target he is in contact with from fleeing.
Treechnid Blood
The Treechnid Blood which runs in Trank's veins makes him more resistant depending on the number of allies.
Certain people say Skale got his teeth from his mom, which would explain his sharp grin! But when they see his fin, they make like the Red Sea and split!
Fighting Style: Support
Skale uses the power of water to increase the AP of his allies.
Skale sends a wave over a target to purify it of its states. Then the wave rebounds over a nearby enemy, inflicting damage.
Liquid Assets
An attack allowing you to make an ally impossible to lock, while dealing damage to a nearby enemy.
Icy Strike
Skale uses frozen water to slow his enemies down.
Tidal Wave
Skale's most powerful attack - its only purpose is destroying the target.
Marine Winds
Skale transfers the power of the oceans to an ally to carry his projectiles farther and make them more powerful.
Kralove Blood
The Kralove Blood which runs in Skale's veins has the incredible ability to increase the power of his allies at the cost of his own.
"One giant step on villainkind." The villains don't say much when Beelzebug is around. They don't have the time before he mashes them like bugs...
Fighting Style: Long-distance damage flinger
Thanks to his wings, Beelzebug jumps backwards to get out of close combat.
Molten Ember
Beelzebug causes molten embers to rain from the sky upon a far away enemy.
Beelzebug creates an eruption which can be quite handy in aiding an ally in a sticky situation.
Magma Jet
A powerful jet of magma with low range.
Scaraleaf Blood
Beelzebug's Scaraleaf Blood allows him to do even more damage depending on the number of allies.
Beelzebug's Pyroclasts are very useful since he doesn't need to move to cause some extra damage.
Beelzebug raises his internal temperature to increase his power and range.
This Vigilante springs from the inky darkness and swoops towards adventure like a bird of ill omen. He signs his name with a swipe of his beak on the foreheads of his enemies: K, for Krobax!
Fighting Style: Crowd control
Krobax uses a cyclone to trade positions with a target or to move to a new spot on the battlefield.
Krobax uses the forces of wind to help his allies run faster.
Sirocco allows you to move a group of enemies.
Zephyrus is a wind that Krobax finds useful because it can move enemies for a minimal cost.
Burst of Wind
A good old-fashioned, simple yet effective gust.
Souitch allows Krobax to alter the effects of most of his spells.
Crobak Blood
The Crobak Blood which runs in Krobax's veins increases his Air damage depending on the number of allies.

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