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Why subscribe to WAKFU?

If you subscribe,
you’ll be able to experience the full game without any restrictions!
First major questline MAIN STORYLINE Entire storyline!
Starting zones and your nation EXPLORATION Travel everywhere!
Starting zones COMBAT EXPERIENCE Battle anywhere!
Dueling in starting zones PLAYER-VERSUS-PLAYER COMBAT Challenge anyone!
Limited achievements CHALLENGES & ACHIEVEMENTS Complete everything!
Cannot be affected ECOSYSTEM Your actions affect the world
No public opinion POLITICS Vote, rally, lead & take over!
Starting zone dungeons DUNGEONS Open every dungeon !
Join only GUILDS Join, create & even destroy
Make a home PLAYER HOUSING Expand rooms or open a vendor stall!
6 of 16 professions PROFESSIONS Master all 16 professions !
Money can't be used & trades aren't possible CURRENCY & ITEMS Mine, mint, sell, trade, beg, ..., profit !
Only with other free members GROUPS Party with premium members !
Can only unlock certain emotes EMOTES Unlock an incredible amount of in-game emotes!