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The Cards
Mouse over the indications to view the corresponding area on the card.
The character's speed.
Movement Points
Movement Points are used to move your character.
Health Points
When a character has received as much damage as they have Health Points, they are eliminated.
Indicates the reach of the spell in terms of squares on the gameboard.
This short text provides background information about the character's life.
The character's overall power.
Action Points
Action Points are used to attack enemies or perform other actions.
Spell Damage
The amount of damage inflicted on the targeted character. Some spells do not inflict damage.
Spell Cost
The amount of AP needed to cast this spell.
These are the character's special abilities.
Collection number
Basic Rules

A team can contain 2 to 8 characters. The sum of their levels cannot exceed 12.

To win a game, you must take all your opponent's Golden Glories (GG) by purchasing them or defeating his figurines.

The Wild GG doesn't belong to anyone. The first time a player gains GG, he also takes the Wild GG, if it hasn't already been taken.

When you defeat an enemy figurine, you steal as many GG as it has levels from your opponent.

Taking Turns

Each turn in the game (except the very first) starts with two dice being rolled. Rolling a double will lead to a loss of a GG point for each player.

Each face of the die represents a power that can be given to your figurines. You can also sell your dice for kamas if you don’t like the powers on offer.

When it's your turn, you play your characters one by one, in the order given in your timeline. You will never be able to move any of them during your opponent’s turn.

Casting a Spell

A spell is defined by its range, its cost in AP (and sometimes MP and HP), its damage, its element and its additional effects.

If the Range icon is red, then the spell’s range cannot be modified. A green icon means the spell's range can be modified.

A cross in the Range icon indicates that the spell doesn’t require a line of sight, whilst an arrow means that the spell can only be cast in a straight line.

A fist means that the spell can only be cast in close combat, whereas a blue closed eye means that the spell can only be cast on the figurine itself.


There are three types of token in Krosmaster Arena: summons, traps and bombs.

On the back of each token, you'll find its characteristics (AP, HP, MP, spells and powers).

Bombs explode automatically at the beginning of the following turn of the character who placed them.

Traps are set off when someone steps on them. Once triggered, they disappear.