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Why learn a profession?

In WAKFU, trading, buying and selling items is done uniquely between players. To create items, you’ll need resources, which are gathered by the harvesting professions, and then transformed into the final products, thanks to your local craftsmen.

Learning a profession

There’s no limit to the number of professions your character can learn. All 16 in-game professions are available if you so desire! To learn a profession, you’ll need to see the Clan Member. They will show you the ropes and ask you to take a test to prove your skill. But don’t worry, even the slowest Iops will sail through with flying colours!

Harvesting professions

The harvesting professions allow you to collect resources or raw materials from the local plants and animals: Piwi feathers, Bow Meow hairs, grains of wheat or ash wood, for example.

Crafting professions

The crafting professions allow you to transform the raw materials into all kinds of items: pieces of equipment, decorations or even small, cooked meals. As you get better at a profession, the number of recipes available to you will increase!

Kama minter

There’s another, slightly different profession in Wakfu: Kama minter. Every character learns the art of transforming iron and other minerals into Kamas, the in-game currency, as they pass through Incarnam, the game’s training area. It’s the only way to make money - you can’t expect it to grow on Kama trees, after all!

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