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Becoming a citizen of a Nation

In WAKFU, you can become a citizen of a Nation. You can find out more about the countryside, plants, animals and ideology of each Nation in Astrub, City of Mercenaries, before making your choice.


The laws can be changed by the Governor, who uses Law Points to select them from a list. They could, for example, choose to punish all minor infractions, or simply punish the most heinous crimes. Whatever the case, it’s important that you keep abreast of all changes, because ignorance is no excuse!

Citizenship Points

Citizenship Points reflect how involved you are with your Nation.
To be able to vote, or to become a Guard or a Soldier, you’ll need 100 Citizenship Points. Before you can put yourself forward as a candidate for the gubernatorial elections, you’ll have to prove your worth by amassing 1000 Citizenship Points! Citizenship Points are gained and lost according to your actions and the laws currently in place in your Nation.

Political roles

As your political career progresses, you’ll be able to take up a post and serve your Nation, a role that will give you extra rights and powers. Governor, Treasurer, General, Guard or Soldier, they all have their own bonuses and grant access to new options in-game. You can only have one role at any one time.

International relations

The Governor is in charge of managing alliances with other Nations, or declaring war on them. A declaration of war is immediate and only needs to be triggered by one of the Nations involved. To return to a neutral or allied status, the agreement of both Governors is required.

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