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A living ecosystem

For the first time in an MMORPG, the plants and animals make up a truly vibrant, living ecosystem! Kill too many Gobballs without giving them chance to reproduce, and they’ll disappear forever. Harvest too much wheat without replanting, and it’ll be your last one. You’re free to protect the local species, or exploit them until extinction.

It’s your responsibility

Each territory has its own ecosystem, defined by the plants and animals within it. It’s down to you to manage the number of monsters, plants, or even the climate. Certain professions, like trapper or ranger, will allow you to plant seeds in order to reintroduce species when their population is threatened. Will you create, or will you destroy? Only you can decide your ecosystem’s fate!

The Clan Members’ wishes

The Clan Member in each territory will have their own ideas about the direction they would like the ecosystem to take. You’re free to heed their wishes, or go against them - it’s your choice alone.