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In WAKFU, there are numerous characteristics that you can develop to strengthen your character. Health Points, Action Points, Dodge, Wisdom, Lock and Backstab are just some of the many skills that will make them unique and determine how successful they will be in a fight!

Starting a fight

To start a fight, right click on a target (a monster or a player) and then select the “attack” option. A combat sphere will form around the participants. Let battle commence!


Before battle commences, participants can position themselves on different squares within the combat sphere. Choose your position well – not too far away, but not too close either – and don’t forget to use the arrows to point your character in a certain direction. Make sure you keep your enemies to the front, and don’t expose your rear!

Turn by turn

Combat in WAKFU is turn by turn based, which means that each character has the opportunity to perform actions and move, but not simultaneously. Each player’s turn lasts 30 seconds. During a fight, the turn order is displayed on the right of the screen.

Casting spells

To cast a spell, select it from the spell bar and click on a target. Spells require a certain number of Action Points, or occasionally Wakfu Points, and have a defined range and area of effect. You’ll need to make sure you spend your points wisely if you want your spells to go off with a bang and not a whimper!


Don’t forget to equip yourself for the journey ahead! A flashing blade, a magic amulet or an enchanted cape could mean the difference between success and failure. The stronger you become, the more impressive the equipment you can wear. If you want to succeed, don’t neglect your equipment!

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