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Starting the game

To start WAKFU, double click on the “W” icon in the WAKFU install folder.
Once the launcher is running, you’ll be able to catch up on the latest news, and the game will automatically update if a patch is required. Choose your language by clicking the flag icon, and then you’re ready to play – so click the PLAY button, and off you go!

Logging in

Enter your account information when prompted, and then click OK.

If you’ve forgotten anything, you can recover your account information by email or SMS on this page.

Creating a character

You can now go about choosing your character from one of the 14 unique classes! They can be male or female, and you can personalise their outfit, their haircut, and even the colour of their eyes. Will you be a Iop warrior or a Cra archer? Will it be the Xelors’ time magic, or the Sadidas’ dolls that attract you most?