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Confront the Wodent

No sooner have you shown up than Grandmaster Kano asks you to play the hero by confronting a Wodent. Right click on the Wodent to start the combat.

Master Wolfram's Mission

To learn all the secrets of Wakfu's fragile ecosystem, ask Wolfram. Harvesting seeds, fighting monsters, and growing plants will be the first activities to tackle in order to recover the 16 Soul Shards.

The Training Continues...

Grandmaster Kano's disciples will teach you about the subtleties of the game. Go visit the different dojos to complete your training as a fighter.

Summit Battle

Complete your training by confronting the Lumberjane and the Wodent Queen. Use everything you've learned to defeat these enemies and unleash your spells upon the enraged forester!

Ultimate Test

After finding the key, head to the dungeon and confront the Wodent King. Get ready to fight!


Once the Wodent King has been defeated, it's time to be reincarnated. Go see Sokay, the giant Ecaflip. Tell him that you'd like to leave Incarnam and head to Astrub, where you'll pledge your loyalty to a Nation...