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1 - Chat bars

The chat bars allow you to talk to your friends and other players, as well as find out important information about the server. You can also view a log of the spells cast by your friends and enemies in combat. Advanced functions allow you to send private messages, sort messages, or find out how many players are logged in.

3 - The health heart

At the bottom of the screen, in the centre of the interface, is a heart. This heart represents your Health Points.
Just below, you’ll find the Wakfu/Stasis gauge, which gives you an indication of your current alignment. Each creative action (planting seeds, introducing new species) will increase your Wakfu points, whereas destructive actions (killing animals, chopping down trees) will increase your Stasis points. Finally, your Citizenship gauge shows how involved you are with your Nation.
Your Action, Wakfu and Movement points are also displayed during combat.

4 - The spell bar

Spells are cast from the spell bar, and it can be filled as you see fit. Simply drag and drop icons from the Spell menu to the spell bar. Several spell bars can be displayed at once if you want to have your entire arsenal on-screen!

5 - The emote bar

With a single click, the spell bar transforms into the emote bar, providing you with a quick way of communicating with other players! The emotes even take on your character’s traits!

6 - The mini-map

The mini-map displays your position in the game world. You can reposition the map by clicking it and dragging it to where you want it to be.

7 - The Day/Night cycle

Just like in real life, night follows day in WAKFU. There’s a clock to show you the time of day, which is useful if you’ve arranged a meeting (or a fight!) at a particular time.

8 - The Clan Member

On the top left of the screen, you’ll find a picture of the area’s Clan Member. If you click on the three icons below this picture, you’ll be able to see more about the ecosystem, as well as a weather forecast (handy for harvests!), and more about the Clan Member, such as their name and profession.