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Managing natural resources

It's up to you to control the number of monsters and plants in each territory, as well as its weather. The responsibility is all yours – you can choose your environment's future. But be careful, as resources have a direct influence on the development of your character and of your nation as a whole. As the old saying goes, “No Tofus, no Tofu feathers… so no Tofu Cape for you!”

Following the ecosystem's evolution

In each territory, Clan Members will share their wishes with you regarding how they want their area's ecosystem to develop. Using the Clan Member interface, you can see how many of each type of plant and animal are currently living in the territory, and check the upper and lower limits that you are not supposed to exceed. That way, you can always keep an eye on the ecosystem's progress and observe the impact of your actions upon it. If you manage to satisfy the Clan Members, they'll grant you bonuses, such as extra health points for your character or higher resistance to certain elements. But these wishes aren't the law, and you're free to choose whether to respect them or not… after all, it's your ecosystem!

The Clan Members also inform you of the weather forecast for the days to come: pay attention, because certain plant species thrive in sunshine, whilst others prefer a cool breeze…

Mastering the ecosystem

Except for fish and ores, there are no resources or monsters which reappear automatically after being harvested or killed. It's up to you to populate the ecosystem by reintroducing species into nature. If you don't, they might disappear from the face of the World of Twelve entirely, and that could be problematic… No Gobballs left to fight means no more Gobball sets to collect…


The Trapper profession allows adventurers to repopulate local wildlife by harvesting and replanting seeds from monsters. In the same way, other natural resources (cereals, flowers, trees, etc.) can be destroyed or replanted by players thanks to the various harvesting trades.

Using resources

WAKFU's flora and fauna are essential sources of raw materials for craftsmen. Think about it: if there's no more wheat, then there's no more wheat flour, which means Bakers can't make bread, which is the only consumable that heals you and gives back health points! Your destiny depends on the environment, so get to work mastering it!

Your Haven Bag – a secret garden

Your Haven Bag isn't just a portable house and a shop that fits in your pocket, it's much, much more! Once you've got a Garden Haven-Gem, you'll be able to plant, grow and harvest all the plant species of the WAKFU world, right there in your Haven Bag! Even better, they'll be sheltered from bad weather and kept away from other players. A perfect little greenhouse, all for you!

Player alignment

Every action which changes the ecosystem's balance will earn you a certain number of alignment points. If an action is productive – such as planting wheat seeds or creating new Gobballs – it will push your alignment in the direction of Wakfu.If your actions are destructive, on the other hand – such as chopping down trees or slaughtering Piwis – you'll earn Stasis points.Each character starts with neutral alignment, which will evolve gradually in one direction or the other according to his or her actions.

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