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Clan Members

Clan Members

In WAKFU, Clan Members are larger than life characters (sometimes VERY large) who are linked to several aspects of the game, including territory conquests, crafting, and even politics. Here’s a short introduction to these personalities who will assist players with the reconstruction of the World of Twelve.

Who Are the Clan Members?

These important characters were chosen by the gods to bring harmony to the world. Each Clan Member, or CM, was given a territory to watch over, ensuring its smooth development after Ogrest’s Chaos. But nothing’s ever easy! Each of the CMs has their own unique personality (some are more nit-picky than others!) and it’s up to you to build a relationship with them!

The role of Clan Members

A source of information

First off, you can talk to Clan Members! In doing so, you’ll be able to learn more about their territory, discover secrets linked to the world, or even view their passports! That’s right, even they need to have their papers in order to carry out their sacred mission! You’ll find important information within their pages, such as the bonus that the Clan Member will be able to bestow upon your nation, which could be increased Health Points, for example.

Clan Member Bonuses

Clan Member Bonuses When their requirements have been met, a Clan Member will bestow their bonus upon the citizens of the nation that controls their territory. There are three scenarios: no bonuses awarded if the Clan Member’s wishes are not followed; a small bonus is awarded if some of their wishes are followed; and finally, a large bonus is awarded if all of their wishes are followed! Don’t forget that all of the Nation’s citizens benefit from the bonus, wherever they are, even if they are in enemy territory. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to always take the Clan members’ wishes into consideration.

Haven Bag

One of the Clan Members (one of the four Jonk), will give you your Haven Bag. Both a house and a shop window for trading with other players, you’ll be able to carry this bag with you and set yourself up wherever you like. You can add different rooms, such as a trophy room to show off your latest winnings, as well as having your own garden in which to cultivate your own resources, or you can simply invite your friends over to chat. And even better, you can customise its appearance!


If there’s one thing any seasoned adventurer should know about Clan Members, it’s that they teach players the crafting and harvesting professions. Each one teaches a specific profession, usually relating to their personality, so you’ll have to make sure you pay a visit to the right Clan Member if you’ve got a particular career in mind. Jonk Andee, for example, will transform you into a hardened lumberjack, ready to mow down hectares of prime forest, whilst Hugo Bello will admire your love of Gobballs and be only too happy to teach you the basics of becoming a trapper. The harvesting and crafting professions can only be learnt by talking to the Clan Members.


Another important thing to remember about Clan Members is that they are responsible for keeping count of the numbers of various species in their territory’s ecosystem. They watch over the flora and fauna, and have their own wishes for their territory. If their wishes are followed, the Clan Member will award a bonus to all of the members of the nation that controls their territory.

To make sure you’re up to date with the current status of a territory’s ecosystem, simply click on the first icon underneath the Clan Member’s portrait (or press the W key). The total number of individual animal and vegetable species is displayed, as well as the minimum and maximum levels of each. If you can see that there are too many, or too few, it’s up to you to do something about it. Clan Members may reward entire Nations, but they also recognise those citizens who are the most active in developing their territory.


Each action that meets with a Clan Member’s approval (cutting down excess Oak Trees, or re-populating the fields with Gobballs, for example) will net you three Citizenship Points (or CP). Make sure you check different territories’ statuses to find those that aren’t in balance, and remedy the situation as quickly as you can, and you’ll soon have enough CP to be able to vote, and much more.


Once you’ve acquired the 100 Citizenship Points you need to be able to vote, it’s time to get involved with your Nation’s political system. You’ll need to pay a visit to your Nation’s Clan Member so that you can view the candidacies and vote in the gubernatorial election. If you meet the requirements to become a candidate, you’ll also need to speak to the CM to launch your political career.


Once elected, the Governor will have a lot of interaction with the Clan Member: setting taxes to fill the Clan Member’s coffers, generating funds for the good of the nation. This lump sum can then be used to improve the territory, by changing the climate, buying challenges, or even asking the CM to protect certain species from destructive adventurers. It is even possible to ask a Clan Member to transfer some of the Kamas collected through taxation to improve another territory.

Nation vs nation

There’s also another way of serving you nation linked to Clan Members: taking control of one of their territories! By challenging certain Clan Members, and defeating them in a fight, players can conquer their territory and claim it in their nation’s name. It will cost you 500 Kamas to fight a CM (and good luck with that, these guys are veritable colossi!), but it’s worth it if you win, as the winning nation will benefit from all of the Clan member’s bonuses. Of course, if a Clan member is attacked, players from their nation will be able to fight alongside them, repelling the invaders and defending their territory (and bonusesses!).

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