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Character progression

Your Character's Progression

One of the goals of the game is to develop your character, not only by finding its place in the world of WAKFU, but also by improving its characteristics and battle skills.

Evolution of your Character's Level

Each time you kill a creature, you will gain experience (also known as “XP”). It's this experience that will allow your character to gain levels. With each level, you will get 5 points to improve your characteristics and 5 points for your class abilities.

How to Gain XP Fast

Warning! If you're in a fight, you'll have to actively take part if you want to win XP! Heroes aren't chickens! You will have to join in the fight if you want to learn from your actions: casting spells, injuring enemies and healing allies are the sort of actions that will see you progressing. You should also make sure you're fighting a group that's the same level as you or else you will gain little or no XP if the monsters you're fighting are much stronger or weaker than you!

Developing your Characteristics

In WAKFU, each character has a series of characteristics, particular traits which define it. Deciding which of these characteristics to improve and which not to is a real strategic choice!
Some characteristics are common to all classes, such as:

  • Health Points (HP) these determine the character's endurance.
  • Action Points (AP): these can be used to cast spells.
  • Wakfu Points (WP): you can cast particularly powerful spells with these.
  • Movement Points (MP): you use these to move your character during fights.
  • Lock: this is the ability to interrupt an enemy's turn during close combat.
  • Dodge: this determines your character's ability to extract themselves from close combat without their opponent causing them to lose a turn.
  • Backstab: this determines the damage inflicted by attacking the enemy from behind.
  • Critical Hits: these determine the chances of casting a spell perfectly and applying its maximum effect.
  • Critical Fails: these determine the chances of failing a spell miserably, and applying its minimum effect.
  • Prospecting :Prospecting gives you a better chance of finding items after combat.
  • Kit Skill: Kit Skill reduces the level necessary to equip items.
  • WisdomWisdom allows you to increase the amount of experience gained at the end of a fight.

There are also some characteristics that are specific to certain classes, for example:

  • Mechanical Damage: these determine the power of any traps set by the character.

All these characteristics can be increased using the 5 Ability Points you earn with each new level, or by using equipment. Will you try to specialize in one or two characteristics, or would you prefer to stay flexible so you can face any situation?

Spells and Class Abilities

Elemental Spells

Each class has 15 Elemental Spells, split between 3 of the 4 elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth. You will start your adventure with just 3 spells, one per element.

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. The more you use an elemental spell, the more experience you will gain in it and the more powerful it will become, until it reaches level 100.
As well as increasing a spell's power, repeated use of it can also unlock other spells from the same branch. So, you can develop the character you want by choosing its spells. They can all be unlocked, so you can either choose to specialize in one elemental branch or unlock a varied range of spells. There's no set path, you decide! Remember, the more you specialize in a branch, the more damage you will do in this element and the more resistant to it you will be.

Class Abilities

Each class in the World of Twelve has 10 unique abilities. Two of these are already present when you create your character and the others will be unlocked as you advance through the first few levels.
There are two types: active abilities, which come into play during a fight like spells, and passive abilities, which cannot be used directly but which give your character a permanent bonus (higher damage, increased range...)
With each level your character gains, you will have 5 points to spend to improve your special abilities. Think carefully – you won't be able to increase everything to its maximum level, so you're going to have to make some choices!

Infinite Possibilities

Create your own unique Hero !

Perfecting your character's various talents isn't just limited to one area and can be done in several different ways. In WAKFU, you'll have all the tools you need to create a unique character that really stands out from the crowd.
For example, here are just two of the very different ways you can develop an Ecaflip out of dozens to choose from!

Critical Hits Ecaflip:
By focusing on the Air spells, such as Claw Attack, Hunter and Eca Bite, combined with Water spells (Fleahopper, Fleeches and Flea Love), your character will greatly improve its chances of doing Critical Hits, maximizing damage.

Fleas Ecaflip:
By focusing on your Water spells, as well as support spells such as Flealine Army, Smelly Cat and Paws Off, you character will specialize in the recuperation of Health Points, so they can stay on the battlefield for as long as possible, and take more hits from enemies.

The hardest thing will be knowing how to make the right choices to become a true hero! Why not visit your class forum and discuss the best way of building your hero with other players?

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