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Sram's Shadow


So what are those Srams hiding behind their mysterious masks? No one really knows what they have been up to since Ogrest's Chaos. One thing's for sure though, they're even sneakier than before!

Srams are assassins and become particularly dangerous when attacking from the rear. They can use their traps to manipulate the playing field.

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Your comments
taborlinn 22 April 2014 - 08:24
Hey ankama, =D
I wanna talk to you, about the Sram class.
corrently the sram class is totally useless, in dungeons, in alone hunts, in all.
we playes, need a sram like a DOFUS, all other class, have a dofus or (original style).
but sram is totally ... "incorrect"
please, make a sram like a "original class" invisible, double, TRAPS!!!! AND MORE TRAPS!!! , not a "mega close combat" like today =(
the "dofus sram" is a perfect class for dungeons, with your traps, remove "movement points" from the monsters, have a good damage, use the traps for push the monsters,
is a perfect class.
please, in this sram revamp in 2014, make a 'ariginal sram"
THIS IS YOUR DIFFERENCE, =) unique classes, please keep the legacy
ok! sorry about my english, im from Brasil.
you have a perfect game in your hands
thank you, \o/