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The Foggernaut’s steam

Master in sabotage

Patient, careful, the Foggernauts are waiting for the best moment to take action… and to dent some metal sheet!
That’s what makes them the real champions of survival and evolution. Through the centuries, they’ve getting better and better, on both intellectual and physical sides. If we were to summarize their functioning in two words: “performance” and “efficiency” would probably be the best fit.

One day, the King of the Foggernauts sent his militia ahead to the surface: this is the modified Foggernauts, those that the Technomogic had transformed…. They used to be atheist and belligerent, they are now the ambassadors of people who seek for peace. Their mission: find Stasili mines and thus prepare their people’s return. The original disciples of Oktapodas remains under water for now, waiting for some better days….

These Foggernauts finally set up in the 4 nations. New souls incarnate ever since in technomagical shells that work with Stasis. The only human thing about them is their spirit.

When fighting, Foggernauts enjoy getting on their enemies nerves, who they mentally exhaust. They progressively gain ground, as a Stasis fist in an iron glove, until they control the whole surface!

“ my turbines are my strength!”
Petro Lan, descendent of Jonmac Lan
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