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What is WAKFU?

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Discover WAKFU's unique and persistent world, Ankama's new MMORPG. More

Character classes

Play as one of 14 character classes. Choose the hero who most reminds you of yourself and set off on an adventure! More

Getting started

Here, take this guide, and read it. You’ll find the answers to your questions within, and without it you won’t stand a chance of becoming a true hero. More

Game system

Ecology, turn-based tactical combat, different monster families, ... Discover all the points that make WAKFU an exceptional MMORPG! More

The story of WAKFU

The WAKFU era? Its islands? The Eliatrope civilization? Ogrest, his broken heart and his chaos? Discover for the first time (or maybe not) WAKFU's background. More

Screenshots & Videos

Keep the whole universe in your picture folder, so you can relive the experience again and again, in school or at the office! More