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Name Type Level
Nogord Wungleezared Scale Nogord Wungleezared Scale Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 190
Pouch of Emeralds Pouch of Emeralds Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 185
Not Mushroom Not Mushroom Farmer's Harvests Lvl 185
Momoss Aka Momoss Aka Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 185
Lianecdote Lianecdote Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 185
Chrome-Plated Mercury Chrome-Plated Mercury Miner's Harvests Lvl 185
Albino Salamander Albino Salamander Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 185
Tick-Tock Caiman Tick-Tock Caiman Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 180
Sweet Maniok Sweet Maniok Farmer's Harvests Lvl 180
Sham Moon Hair Sham Moon Hair Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Salamander Salamander Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 180
Prehistoric Amber Prehistoric Amber Miner's Harvests Lvl 180
Poisonous Leaf Poisonous Leaf Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Pirate Flag Pirate Flag Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Night Star Night Star Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 180
Mottled Mushroom Seed Mottled Mushroom Seed Farmer's Harvests Lvl 180
Mottled Mushroom Mottled Mushroom Farmer's Harvests Lvl 180
Momoss Seed Momoss Seed Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 180
Momoss Momoss Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 180
Mercury Mercury Miner's Harvests Lvl 180
Kokostraw Kokostraw Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Kokos Nucifera Kokos Nucifera Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 180
Koko Nutt Essence Koko Nutt Essence Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Golden Jewel Golden Jewel Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Eye of the Drum Eye of the Drum Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Creeping Vine Cutting Creeping Vine Cutting Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 180
Climbing Tree Climbing Tree Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 180
Cataplasm Cataplasm Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Black Monkey Hairs Black Monkey Hairs Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 180
Tropikoko Bark Tropikoko Bark Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Traumatized Tropikoko Nut Traumatized Tropikoko Nut Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Tahitiare of the Winds Tahitiare of the Winds Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 175
Reef Coral Reef Coral Miner's Harvests Lvl 175
Pearly Metamorfrag Pearly Metamorfrag Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Opal Metamorfrag Opal Metamorfrag Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Maniok Seed Maniok Seed Farmer's Harvests Lvl 175
Koko Rico's Strongarm Lance Koko Rico's Strongarm Lance Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Kokonut Wood Kokonut Wood Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 175
Kokonut Cutting Kokonut Cutting Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 175
Kannivore Root Kannivore Root Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Kanniball Staff Kanniball Staff Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Golden Palm Golden Palm Farmer's Harvests Lvl 175
Gengas Kin's Blowpipe Gengas Kin's Blowpipe Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Dwarf Caiman Dwarf Caiman Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 175
Divi Up Wood Divi Up Wood Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 175
Day Lily Seed Day Lily Seed Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 175
Day Lily Day Lily Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 175
Dandy Top Hat Dandy Top Hat Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Crocodyl Tooth Crocodyl Tooth Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Crocodyl Leather Crocodyl Leather Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Cracked Mask Cracked Mask Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Clown-Knemo Clown-Knemo Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 175
Bitter Maniok Bitter Maniok Farmer's Harvests Lvl 175
Ay Sap Ay Sap Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Amber Metamorfrag Amber Metamorfrag Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 175
Amber Amber Miner's Harvests Lvl 175
Voracious Fiber Voracious Fiber Trapper's Harvests Lvl 170
Turquoise Gem Turquoise Gem Jeweler Components Lvl 170
Tropikoko Leaf Tropikoko Leaf Trapper's Harvests Lvl 170
Tropickle Leather Tropickle Leather Leather Dealer Components Lvl 170
Tahitiare Seed Tahitiare Seed Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 170
Tahitiare Flower Tahitiare Flower Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 170
Supple Plank Supple Plank Handyman Components Lvl 170
Steel Beak Feather Steel Beak Feather Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 170
Robowl Feather Robowl Feather Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 170
Present Sandglass Sand Present Sandglass Sand Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 170
Palm Cane Seed Palm Cane Seed Farmer's Harvests Lvl 170
Palm Palm Farmer's Harvests Lvl 170
Koral Koral Miner's Harvests Lvl 170
Knemo Knemo Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 170
Kidd Ingot Kidd Ingot Weapons Master Components Lvl 170
Kanniball Hairs Kanniball Hairs Trapper's Harvests Lvl 170
Island Spices Island Spices Chef Components Lvl 170
Divi Divi Wood Divi Divi Wood Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 170
Divi Divi Cutting Divi Divi Cutting Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 170
Crocodyl Scale Crocodyl Scale Trapper's Harvests Lvl 170
Buckled Buckler Buckled Buckler Armorer Components Lvl 170
Austral Liana Austral Liana Tailor Components Lvl 170
Amber Curaçao Amber Curaçao Baker Components Lvl 170
Secular Fragment Secular Fragment Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 165
Mili Seacod Mili Seacod Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 165
Iridescent Obsidian Iridescent Obsidian Miner's Harvests Lvl 165
Eterny Tea Eterny Tea Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 165
Dial Hand Dial Hand Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 165
Counted Wood Counted Wood Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 165
Blackberry Armor Blackberry Armor Farmer's Harvests Lvl 165
Archaic Part Archaic Part Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 165
Wood of the Hours Wood of the Hours Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 160
Seacod Seacod Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 160
Obsidian Ore Obsidian Ore Miner's Harvests Lvl 160
Meticulous Support Meticulous Support Armorer Components Lvl 160
Meticulous String Meticulous String Tailor Components Lvl 160
Meticulous Spices Meticulous Spices Chef Components Lvl 160
Meticulous Plank Meticulous Plank Handyman Components Lvl 160
Meticulous Liquor Meticulous Liquor Baker Components Lvl 160
Meticulous Leather Meticulous Leather Leather Dealer Components Lvl 160