1235 items matched your criteria
Name Type Level
Kamamille Flower Kamamille Flower Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 150
Golden Support Golden Support Armorer Components Lvl 150
Golden String Golden String Tailor Components Lvl 150
Golden Spices Golden Spices Chef Components Lvl 150
Golden Plank Golden Plank Handyman Components Lvl 150
Golden Liquor Golden Liquor Baker Components Lvl 150
Golden Leather Golden Leather Leather Dealer Components Lvl 150
Golden Ingot Golden Ingot Weapons Master Components Lvl 150
Golden Gem Golden Gem Jeweler Components Lvl 150
Expensive Slobber Expensive Slobber Trapper's Harvests Lvl 150
Cutting of the Hours Cutting of the Hours Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 150
Animated Shelf Animated Shelf Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 150
Copper Gilding Copper Gilding Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 146
Waw Paint Waw Paint Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 145
Steamy Skin Steamy Skin Trapper's Harvests Lvl 145
Stealthy Skin Stealthy Skin Trapper's Harvests Lvl 145
Rare Curarare Rare Curarare Farmer's Harvests Lvl 145
Pompom Tail Pompom Tail Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 145
Poisoned Bone Poisoned Bone Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 145
Mortal Wood Mortal Wood Lumberjack's Harvests Lvl 145
Gray Substance Gray Substance Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 145
Ethereal Support Ethereal Support Armorer Components Lvl 145
Ethereal String Ethereal String Tailor Components Lvl 145
Ethereal Spices Ethereal Spices Chef Components Lvl 145