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Name Type Level
Owange Fabwic Owange Fabwic Miscellaneous Resources Lvl 140
Midalurgee Midalurgee Miscellaneous Resources Lvl 140
Luxulious Ful Luxulious Ful Animal Resources Lvl 140
Sharp Tooth Sharp Tooth Animal Resources Lvl 135
Pale Drool Pale Drool Trapper's Harvests Lvl 135
Infected Fuw Infected Fuw Animal Resources Lvl 135
Black Enewgy Black Enewgy Miscellaneous Resources Lvl 135
Wabbit Fuw Wabbit Fuw Animal Resources Lvl 130
Royal Mycelium Royal Mycelium Animal Resources Lvl 130
Pale Skin Pale Skin Trapper's Harvests Lvl 130
Pale Leather Pale Leather Animal Resources Lvl 130
Luminous Mucus Luminous Mucus Animal Resources Lvl 130
Gween Dye Gween Dye Miscellaneous Resources Lvl 130
Lenald Tail Lenald Tail Animal Resources Lvl 125
Lenald Ful Lenald Ful Animal Resources Lvl 125
Fanatic Outgrowth Fanatic Outgrowth Miscellaneous Resources Lvl 125
Fanatic Fragment Fanatic Fragment Miscellaneous Resources Lvl 125
Fanatic Bone Fanatic Bone Miscellaneous Resources Lvl 125
Wuby Fabwic Wuby Fabwic Miscellaneous Resources Lvl 120
Water of Life Water of Life Animal Resources Lvl 120
Venutian Trap Venutian Trap Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 120
Venutian Seed Venutian Seed Herbalist's Harvests Lvl 120
Stashed Fillet Stashed Fillet Animal Resources Lvl 120
Sporal Yeast Sporal Yeast Farmer's Harvests Lvl 120