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Name Type Level
Zinit Crab Meat Zinit Crab Meat Miscellaneous Drops
Zinit Beach Monster Seed Zinit Beach Monster Seed Trapper's Harvests
Wild Gobball Seed Wild Gobball Seed Trapper's Harvests
Tofu Seed Tofu Seed Trapper's Harvests
Rat-Tattoo Hairs Rat-Tattoo Hairs Trapper's Harvests
Piece of Pumpkwin Piece of Pumpkwin Miscellaneous Drops
Greedoblop Seed Greedoblop Seed Trapper's Harvests
Gobball Seed Gobball Seed Trapper's Harvests
Coarse String Coarse String Tailor Components
Coarse Spices Coarse Spices Chef Components
Coarse Souper-Glou Coarse Souper-Glou Resources
Coarse Plate Coarse Plate Armorer Components
Coarse Oil Coarse Oil Baker Components
Coarse Handle Coarse Handle Weapons Master Components
Coarse Gem Coarse Gem Jeweler Components
Coarse Fiber Coarse Fiber Tailor Components
Bow Meow Tooth Bow Meow Tooth Miscellaneous Drops
Bow Meow Seed Bow Meow Seed Trapper's Harvests
Basic Souper-Glou Basic Souper-Glou Resources
Basic Leather Basic Leather Leather Dealer Components