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Name Type Level
Tofu Seed Tofu Seed Trapper's Harvests
Tchery Wood Tchery Wood Lumberjack's Harvests
Raw Support Raw Support Miscellaneous Resources
Raw String Raw String Miscellaneous Resources
Raw Spices Raw Spices Miscellaneous Resources
Raw Plank Raw Plank Miscellaneous Resources
Raw Liqueur Raw Liqueur Miscellaneous Resources
Raw Leather Raw Leather Miscellaneous Resources
Raw Ingot Raw Ingot Miscellaneous Resources
Raw Gem Raw Gem Miscellaneous Resources
Rat-Tattoo Hairs Rat-Tattoo Hairs Trapper's Harvests
Humus Humus Animal Resources
Gobball Slobber Gobball Slobber Trapper's Harvests
Gobball Seed Gobball Seed Trapper's Harvests
Gift Gift Miscellaneous Resources
Bow Meow Tooth Bow Meow Tooth Animal Resources
Astrubian Wheat Straw Astrubian Wheat Straw Farmer's Harvests
Astrubian Snout Astrubian Snout Trapper's Harvests
Astrubian Snapper Oil Astrubian Snapper Oil Trapper's Harvests
Astrubian Snapper Meat Astrubian Snapper Meat Trapper's Harvests
Astrubian Sip of Sulfur Astrubian Sip of Sulfur Trapper's Harvests
Astrubian Scara Wings Astrubian Scara Wings Animal Resources
Astrubian Scarapace Astrubian Scarapace Trapper's Harvests
Astrubian Fins Astrubian Fins Animal Resources