1235 items matched your criteria
Name Type Level
Imperfect String Imperfect String Herbalist's Refinements Lvl 35
Imperfect Steel Imperfect Steel Miner's Refinements Lvl 35
Imperfect Spice Imperfect Spice Chef Components Lvl 35
Imperfect Plate Imperfect Plate Armorer Components Lvl 35
Imperfect Plank Imperfect Plank Lumberjack's Refinements Lvl 35
Imperfect Oil Imperfect Oil Baker Components Lvl 35
Imperfect Leather Imperfect Leather Leather Dealer Components Lvl 35
Imperfect Handle Imperfect Handle Weapons Master Components Lvl 35
Imperfect Gem Imperfect Gem Jeweler Components Lvl 35
Imperfect Flour Imperfect Flour Farmer's Refinements Lvl 35
Imperfect Fiber Imperfect Fiber Tailor Components Lvl 35
Imperfect Essence Imperfect Essence Trapper's Refinements Lvl 35
Imperfect Bracket Imperfect Bracket Handyman Components Lvl 35
Horror Cloth Horror Cloth Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 35
Hairy Ray Hairy Ray Fisherman's Harvests Lvl 35
Fresh Mussel Fresh Mussel Trapper's Harvests Lvl 35
Essence of Orchid Essence of Orchid Herbalist's Refinements Lvl 35
Dry Branch Dry Branch Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 35
Crackling Powder Crackling Powder Miner's Refinements Lvl 35
Bwork Seed Bwork Seed Trapper's Harvests Lvl 35
Beach Seed Beach Seed Trapper's Harvests Lvl 35
Arachnee Silk Arachnee Silk Trapper's Harvests Lvl 35
Cloudy Tofu Rump Cloudy Tofu Rump Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 34
Arachnee Venom Arachnee Venom Miscellaneous Drops Lvl 33