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Name Type Level
Lucky Red Tuft Lucky Red Tuft Lvl 5
Iridescent Royal Feather Iridescent Royal Feather Lvl 5
Golden Wheat Seed Golden Wheat Seed Lvl 5
Golden Wheat Grain Golden Wheat Grain Lvl 5
Golden Wheat Flour Golden Wheat Flour Lvl 5
Gobball Leg Gobball Leg Lvl 5
Fossil Fossil Lvl 5
Extra Humus Extra Humus Lvl 5
Clay Clay Lvl 5
Woolly Leg Woolly Leg Lvl 1
Wheat Straw Wheat Straw Lvl 1
Wheat Grain Wheat Grain Lvl 1
Wheat Flour Wheat Flour Lvl 1
Vandame Vandame Lvl 1
Tuberbulb Seed Tuberbulb Seed Lvl 1
Tuberbulb Tuberbulb Lvl 1
Tin Ore Tin Ore Lvl 1
Thistle Seed Thistle Seed Lvl 1
Tarouded Leather Tarouded Leather Lvl 1
Sturgeon Fillet Sturgeon Fillet Lvl 1
Sturgeon Sturgeon Lvl 1
Stingy Bulb Stingy Bulb Lvl 1
Sprig of Holly Sprig of Holly Lvl 1
Rubble Rubble Lvl 1