Weapons Masters are the crafters of all weapons possible and imaginable, whether they’re made from wood from the Lumberjacks or metals from the Miners. There are three types of Weapons Master: Close Combat Weapons Masters, who specialize in swords, daggers and shovels; Long Distance Weapons Masters, who make bows, cards, wands and hands; and Area of Effect Weapons Masters, who make staffs, axes and hammers.

Name Type Number of cells Level
Raw Ingot Raw Ingot Miscellaneous Resources Ash Wood x3Tin Ore x3
Twiggy Staff Twiggy Staff One-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x5Humus x10Bow Meow Tooth x2Jonik Ash Wood x2Glow Tin Ore x2
Bonely Club Bonely Club Two-Handed Weapons Ash Wood x30Piwi Beak x14 5
Koriin Staff Koriin Staff One-Handed Weapons White Bow Meow Hide x5Tin Ore x15 5
Kick Axe Kick Axe Two-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x10Tin Ore x25Gobball Horn x31 10
Pilgrim Staff Pilgrim Staff One-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x10Hazel Wood x35Finest Sea Salt x8 10
Cerberus Cerberus Two-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x10Iron Ore x13Hazel Wood x54 15
Piwi Hammer Piwi Hammer Two-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x15Glow Tin Ore x3Jonik Ash Wood x3Piwi Egg x7Royal Feather x3 15
Spiritual Club Spiritual Club Two-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x15Finest Sea Salt x9Hazel Wood x22Gobball Horn x28 15
Basic Guard Basic Guard Miscellaneous Resources Classic Coal x5 20
Bear Slicer Bear Slicer Two-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x15Blibli Hairs x33Iron Ore x14Finest Sea Salt x10 20
Bendy Handle Bendy Handle Miscellaneous Resources Chestnut Wood x10 20
Googoobuster Googoobuster One-Handed Weapons Celestial Guano x2Cloudy Piwi Beak x24Birch Plank x14Bendy Handle x14 25
Intkisser Club Intkisser Club Two-Handed Weapons Moonstone x1Apiwood x20Copper Ore x10Raw Ingot x10 25
Mace Lipawey Mace Lipawey Two-Handed Weapons Finest Sea Salt x10Chafer Bone x42Raw Ingot x15 25
Ibo-Nanga Mace Ibo-Nanga Mace Two-Handed Weapons Sham Pearl x7Sucked Blood x38Basic Guard x10 30
Shepherd's Staff Shepherd's Staff One-Handed Weapons Apiwood x16Gobball Slobber x24Gobball Wool x28Bendy Handle x10 30
Corpse Club Corpse Club Two-Handed Weapons Gobball Leg x27Scarecrow Heart x17Bow Meow Fur x19Bendy Handle x20 35
Dafturkey Club Dafturkey Club Two-Handed Weapons Tsu Tsu Horn x25Shadowy Cobalt x20Birch Wood x30Bendy Handle x15 35
The Astro The Astro Two-Handed Weapons Bronze Nugget x15Apiwood x54War Chief Horn x32Basic Guard x15 35
Crackdweller Staff Crackdweller Staff One-Handed Weapons Eco Fiber x3Bandit Breath x37Bendy Handle x20Puddly Bottle x44 40
Kanniball Staff Kanniball Staff One-Handed Weapons Chafer Bone x52Bendy Handle x15Larva Mucus x16Weeping Willow Wood x28 40
Sharpened Point Sharpened Point Miscellaneous Resources Shadowy Cobalt x3Bronze Nugget x2 40
Solid Handle Solid Handle Miscellaneous Resources Birch Wood x5Apiwood x5 40
The Pinch-o-Matic The Pinch-o-Matic One-Handed Weapons Crabshell x27Crab Claw x35Shard of Flint x16Bendy Handle x15 40

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