Weapons Masters are the crafters of all weapons possible and imaginable, whether they’re made from wood from the Lumberjacks or metals from the Miners. There are three types of Weapons Master: Close Combat Weapons Masters, who specialize in swords, daggers and shovels; Long Distance Weapons Masters, who make bows, cards, wands and hands; and Area of Effect Weapons Masters, who make staffs, axes and hammers.

Name Type Number of cells Level
Raw Ingot Raw Ingot Miscellaneous Resources Ash Wood x3Tin Ore x3
Buzzard Bow Buzzard Bow Two-Handed Weapons Piwi Feather x20Tin Ore x15 5
Fuzzy Cards Fuzzy Cards One-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x8Extra Humus x5Lucky Tuft x1Jonik Ash Wood x2Glow Tin Ore x2 5
Shurikards Shurikards One-Handed Weapons Humus x14Raw Plank x10 5
Piwi Wand Piwi Wand One-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x10Clay x15Piwi Beak x5Glow Tin Ore x2Jonik Ash Wood x2 10
Smithy Needle Smithy Needle One-Handed Weapons Piwi Beak x31Hazel Wood x36Raw Ingot x10 10
Hour Wand Hour Wand One-Handed Weapons Hazel Wood x60Wheat Straw x40Raw Ingot x10 15
Basic Guard Basic Guard Miscellaneous Resources Classic Coal x5 20
Bendy Handle Bendy Handle Miscellaneous Resources Chestnut Wood x10 20
Hitek Wand Hitek Wand One-Handed Weapons Tofu Blood x12Hazel Cutting x33Tofu Egg x23Raw Ingot x10 20
Midnight Hand Midnight Hand One-Handed Weapons Intemporal Dust x12Ghostoplasm x37Gobball Horn x31Raw Ingot x15 20
The Sickle The Sickle Two-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x15Fossil x17Chestnut Plank x16 20
Javelhand Javelhand One-Handed Weapons Raw Ingot x10Zorstrum x16Scales x11 25
Loyalty Cards Loyalty Cards One-Handed Weapons Gobball Slobber x30Hazel Plank x17Finest Sea Salt x7Raw Ingot x15 25
Pillo Wand Pillo Wand One-Handed Weapons Bellaphone Tuft x25Raw Ingot x10Strich Feather x44 25
Rain Bow Rain Bow Two-Handed Weapons Apiwood x33Hazel Plank x12Essence of Thistledown x17Raw Ingot x15 25
Necrogrine Hand Necrogrine Hand One-Handed Weapons Reed Stem x44Copper Ore x11Chafer Bone x38Basic Guard x15 30
Poke Cards Poke Cards One-Handed Weapons Eco Fiber x2Gobball Seed x39Apiwood x25Basic Guard x10 30
Strange Wand Strange Wand One-Handed Weapons Rose Petal x28Country Slobber x24Apiwood x16Bendy Handle x10 30
Wand of Courage Wand of Courage One-Handed Weapons Larva Brain x20Birch Wood x16Scented Clover x24Bendy Handle x10 30
Bifmaro Bow Bifmaro Bow Two-Handed Weapons Reed Stem x20Weeping Willow Wood x26Chafer Bone x21Bendy Handle x10 35
Nickelbow Nickelbow Two-Handed Weapons Iron Ore x17Copper Ore x13Birch Plank x20Bendy Handle x15 35
Ticlock Hand Ticlock Hand One-Handed Weapons Copper Ore x14Birch Wood x54Prespic Peak x38Basic Guard x15 35
Katastro Cards Katastro Cards One-Handed Weapons Arachnee Silk x40Riktus Cloth x28Rengen Silk x2Basic Guard x20 40
Precision Cards Precision Cards One-Handed Weapons Prespic Peak x30Blibli Hairs x30Birch Plank x20Reinette Hairs x28Basic Guard x20 40

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