194 items matched your criteria
Name Type Bonus Level
Osamodas Powder of Fortune Osamodas Powder of Fortune Pets
Lvl 1
Osamodas Powder Osamodas Powder Pets
Lvl 1
Kerubaby Kerubaby Pet
30 Health Points
15 Elemental Mastery
Lvl 1
Edible Stasili Edible Stasili Pets
Lvl 1
"Young Wild Sow" White "Young Wild Sow" White Coloring
"Young Wild Sow" Nude "Young Wild Sow" Nude Coloring
"Young Wild Sow" Green "Young Wild Sow" Green Coloring
Young Wild Sow Eye Patch Young Wild Sow Eye Patch Pet equipment
"Young Wild Sow" Brown "Young Wild Sow" Brown Coloring
"Young Wild Sow" Blue "Young Wild Sow" Blue Coloring
Young Wild Sow Young Wild Sow Pet
60 Health Points
25 Mastery Air
20 Initiative
YeCh'Ti’Wawa YeCh'Ti’Wawa Pet
60 Health Points
36 Critical Mastery
Woolly Pink Woolly Pink Coloring
Woolly Orange Woolly Orange Coloring
Woolly Brown Woolly Brown Coloring
Woolly Blue Woolly Blue Coloring
Woolly Albino Al Woolly Albino Al Coloring
Wodent Goggles Wodent Goggles Pet equipment
Wodent Gag Wodent Gag Pet equipment
Wodent Earmuffs Wodent Earmuffs Pet equipment
Wodent Briefs Wodent Briefs Pet equipment
Wodent Wodent Pet
60 Health Points
20 Area Mastery
1 Control
Turquoise Metal Turquoise Metal Coloring
Tufty Tofu Tufty Tofu Pet
45 Dodge
60 Health Points