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Family : Piwis
Level : 30
Health points : 510
Action points : 6
MP : 6
Initiative : 45
Lock : 20
Dodge : 55
Perception : 15
Parry : 2
critical hit : 10
0% 20%
0% 20%
66% 60%
0% 10%
Pewpew Strafe
Lvl 200
Piwiful Clobbering
Lvl 200
Celestial Eiderdown
Lvl 200
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LeArgon 07 October 2014 01:18
ugh how do I find 'em?
Featherless Piwi
Meownce 14 November 2014 05:51
Let me get this right, you need 10 celestial guano for a level 25 quest and it's a 25% chance drop on a boss mob from a dungeon that needs a key that *DOES NOT* drop off of zone mobs? 20 'normal' Piwi dungeon runs and no keys. I turned the Royal Piwi feathers into keys. 14 runs with perfect challenges and I got 2 guano. And this is the FIRST of a quest line like this? Get real. Get realistic. Figure that stuff out back when this was in beta. Stop making the one material in a zone be what a piece of armor in every trade is made from, as well as what you need to make keys for the dungeon AND do the Otamai quest! Stop that!
9ryex5 20 November 2014 23:34
Celestial Piwi Dungeon (Lvl. 20) - Celestial Piwi Key
joaopc 24 November 2014 13:59
geting guano is really hard and boring. please staff, fix this ridiculous drop rate.
St-Skolven 18 December 2014 03:08
Crafting materials NEEDS to be 100% on boss
ubergeist 08 January 2015 12:54
Incredibly hard. Just to get my 2 feathers, I had to run the piwi dungeon at least 10 times. Then I had to take friends along, by then WAY too high level for that dungeon, to drop keys. The minute we were more than me and my sidekicks, we started dropping the keys like insane. WTF? I even used the PP potion and I got nothing. Also: Solid waste of potions. Don't do it. Horrible idea. That costs moneys.
Colten-822 05 March 2015 06:30
Apparently I had a friend run through the Piwi dungeon on EASY and got THREE Celestial Keys (for the dungeon) in ONE run. This might be INSANE luck, or maybe it matters, like since on easy some drops don't drop, leaving more room for the key? (need a royal feather to make key, royal feather dropped by royal piwi, the boss of this dungeon, rarely) I'll run it now with some sidekicks and test it.
Colten-822 05 March 2015 07:03
Yep, Celestial Keys drops on EASY dungeon.
YoyoIlluser 16 February 2016 22:59
Ran the this dungeon 7 times now, haven't gotten a single celestial guano...This is so hard. Ugh.