Name Type Bonus Level
Key to the Three Pistes' Cave Key to the Three Pistes' Cave Keys
Key to the Reserve Key to the Reserve Keys
Key to Grandmeow's House Key to Grandmeow's House Keys
Key of Whispers Key of Whispers Keys
Kassius Kaos Kassius Kaos Krosmaster
Justice Key Justice Key Keys
Jems Blond Jems Blond Krosmaster
Jelly Key Jelly Key Keys
Ingalsses' Cellar Key Ingalsses' Cellar Key Keys
Infected Wesewve Key Infected Wesewve Key Keys
Horned Glacier Key Horned Glacier Key Keys
Hoopiwi Key Hoopiwi Key Keys
Hollow Tube Hollow Tube Miscellaneous
Harry Boots Fragments Harry Boots Fragments Miscellaneous
Harebourg Tower Key Harebourg Tower Key Keys
Hagen Daz's Pot Key Hagen Daz's Pot Key Keys
Gut-It Gut-It Display Windows and Crafting
Grind-It Grind-It Display Windows and Crafting
Goultard the Barbarian Goultard the Barbarian Krosmaster
Goultard Goultard Krosmaster
Golden Keychain Fragment Golden Keychain Fragment Miscellaneous
Gobbken Gobbken Miscellaneous
Gelano Fragment Gelano Fragment Miscellaneous
Garden Haven-Gem Fragment Garden Haven-Gem Fragment Miscellaneous