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Name Type Level
Ugtoken Ugtoken Miscellaneous Lvl 1
Ugly Key Ugly Key Keys Lvl 1
Trouble Token Trouble Token Miscellaneous Lvl 1
Troolken Troolken Miscellaneous Lvl 1
Treetoken Treetoken Miscellaneous Lvl 1
Treechnid Key Treechnid Key Keys Lvl 1
Tormented Spectken Tormented Spectken Miscellaneous Lvl 1
Tofuhouse Key Tofuhouse Key Keys Lvl 1
Tofoken Tofoken Miscellaneous Lvl 1
Tiny Kit Display Window Tiny Kit Display Window Display Windows and Crafting Lvl 1
The Black Crow's Scroll The Black Crow's Scroll Lvl 1
Tasteless Seed Tasteless Seed Miscellaneous Lvl 1
Tan-It Tan-It Display Windows and Crafting Lvl 1
Tailor's Workshop Tailor's Workshop Display Windows and Crafting Lvl 1
Sweet Strawberry Jely Sweet Strawberry Jely Lvl 1
Sweet Mint Jely Sweet Mint Jely Lvl 1
Sweet Lemon Jely Sweet Lemon Jely Lvl 1
Sweet Gum Sapling Sweet Gum Sapling Haven Bag Lvl 1
Sweet Gum Fragment Sweet Gum Fragment Lvl 1
Sweet Blue Raspberry Jely Sweet Blue Raspberry Jely Lvl 1
Sufok-Riktoken Sufok-Riktoken Miscellaneous Lvl 1
Sufokia Teleportation Scroll Sufokia Teleportation Scroll Lvl 1
Stripers Trenchment Key Stripers Trenchment Key Keys Lvl 1
Strichken Strichken Miscellaneous Lvl 1