Name Type Bonus Level
Srambad Stockroom Key Srambad Stockroom Key Miscellaneous
Small Bottle of Poison Small Bottle of Poison Miscellaneous
Skramas Skramas Miscellaneous
Precious Dagger Precious Dagger Miscellaneous
Precious Crystal Skull Precious Crystal Skull Miscellaneous
Pickpocketing Contract Pickpocketing Contract Miscellaneous
Limited use I.D.S. Limited use I.D.S. Miscellaneous
Enurado Pass Enurado Pass Miscellaneous
Burglary Loot Burglary Loot Miscellaneous
Burglary Contract Burglary Contract Miscellaneous
Assassination Contract Assassination Contract Miscellaneous
Spore Waterer Spore Waterer Miscellaneous
Inhibitor Inhibitor Miscellaneous
Black Mycelium Black Mycelium Miscellaneous
Spiny Spine Spiny Spine Miscellaneous
Recharged Artifact of the Ancients Recharged Artifact of the Ancients Miscellaneous
Protective Gloves Protective Gloves Miscellaneous
Juicy Sap Juicy Sap Miscellaneous
Folded Thrown-Together Castuc Costume Folded Thrown-Together Castuc Costume Miscellaneous
Ahabar Bar'Habi's Directions Ahabar Bar'Habi's Directions Miscellaneous
Strange Ice Fragment Strange Ice Fragment Miscellaneous
Instruction Manual for the H.O.T. Machine Instruction Manual for the H.O.T. Machine Miscellaneous
Nileza's Diving Equipment Nileza's Diving Equipment Miscellaneous
Become a Sufokian Citizen Become a Sufokian Citizen Miscellaneous