Chefs can make all sorts of dishes from meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, not forgetting fine herbs! Not only do these dishes give your taste buds a treat, they're also highly sought after as they grant special bonuses that no other items offer.

Name Type Number of cells Level
Food Larva Brain x1Tofu Gizzards x1
Miscellaneous Items Bow Meow Seed x3Bucket o' Water x5
Miscellaneous Items Bucket o' Water x5Gobball Seed x3
Miscellaneous Items Bucket o' Water x5Tofu Seed x3
Miscellaneous Items Larva Seed x3Bucket o' Water x5
Food Gobball Leg x1Bow Meowcass x1
Piece of Pumpkwin x2
Chocolate Kama x2
x2Bucket o' Water x2Wheat Grain x2
Pets Coarse Tiramisoup x1Bucket o' Water x5
Bucket o' Water x1 x1Piece of Pumpkwin x1
Kokomilk x1Wheat Grain x7Bucket o' Water x1
Food Black Cawwot x15
Chef Components Breaded Fish x5Bow Meow Fish x5
Food Bucket o' Water x1Coarse Tiramisoup x1Crowned Thistle x3 5
Food Coarse Tiramisoup x1Coarse Spices x1Bucket o' Water x3 5
Food Larva Brain x1Coarse Spices x1 5
Food Humus x5Bow Meow Hairs x10Coarse Spices x2Lucky Red Tuft x5 5
Food Coarse Spices x2Piwi Beak x5Iridescent Royal Feather x5 5
Food Larva Brain x5Coarse Spices x2Larva Mucus x10Calcified Shin Larva Leg x5 5
Food Bow Meow Hairs x2Basic Tiramisoup x1Basic Spices x1 10
Consumables Coarse Spices x1Bucket o' Water x5 10
Chef Components Sturgeon x5Crabby Anchovy x5 10
Food Basic Spices x1Bucket o' Water x5 15
Food Bucket o' Water x3Basic Tiramisoup x1Bow Meow Seed x3 15