Herbalists are wild plant specialists. They can take leaves and stems, as well as seeds which can be replanted. They can distill herbs into extracts at the distillery.

Name Production Level
Crowned Thistle Crowned Thistle Crowned ThistleGlistening ThistleThistle SeedThistle SeedCrowned Thistle
Crozolily Crozolily Crozolily SeedCrozolily Flower
Wakfulily Wakfulily
Plain Flax Plain Flax Flax SeedSun FlaxFlax FlowerFlax FlowerFlax Seed 10
Ditsy Flower Ditsy Flower Ditsy Flower SeedSentimental FlowerDitsy FlowerDitsy FlowerDitsy Flower Seed 15
Wild Mint Wild Mint Mint LeafMint LeafMint ShootMint ShootO'liwood Mint 20
Scented Clover Scented Clover Scented CloverScented CloverClover SeedClover Seed 25
Reed Reed Reed SeedReed StemReed StemReed Seed 30
Orchid Orchid Orchid FlowerOrchid FlowerOrchid SeedOrchid Seed 35
Funkus Funkus Funkus SporesFunkus SporesFunkusFunkus 40
Dendron Dendron Dendron SeedDendron FlowerDendron FlowerDendron Seed 45
Nettle Nettle Nettle SeedNettle SeedNettle LeafNettle Leaf 50
Fuzzy Fern Fuzzy Fern Fuzzy Fern LeafFuzzy Fern LeafFern SeedFern Seed 55
Nostril Algae Nostril Algae Nostril AlgaeNostril AlgaeNostril DroolNostril Drool 60
Volcanic Plant Volcanic Plant Volcanic PlantVolcanic PlantVolcanic Plant SeedVolcanic Plant SeedTenebrous Plant 65
Puffball Puffball Puffball SporeGiant PuffballPuffballPuffballPuffball Spore 70
Edelweiss Edelweiss Edelweiss SeedRadiant Edelweiss FlowerEdelweissEdelweissEdelweiss Seed 75
Cotton Cotton Cotton SeedCotton FlowerCotton FlowerCotton Seed 80
Gorsegoyle Gorsegoyle Gorsegoyle SeedPot-Bellied Gorsegoyle BerryGorsegoyle BerryGorsegoyle BerryGorsegoyle Seed 85
Death Cap Death Cap Death CapDeath CapDeath Cap SporeDeath Cap SporeWeenie Death Cap 90
Aloa Vera Aloa Vera Aloa Vera LeafAloa Vera ShootAloa Vera ShootAloa Vera Leaf 100
Eterny Eterny EternyEternyEterny SeedEterny SeedEterny Tea 100
Grace Grace Day LilyDay LilyDay Lily SeedDay Lily SeedNight Star 100
Kamamile Kamamile Kamamille FlowerKamamille FlowerKamamille SeedKamamille SeedWealth Flower 100
Momoss Momoss Momoss AkaMomossMomossMomoss SeedMomoss Seed 100