Lumberjacks collect wood from trees, or cuttings which can be replanted. When they're not taking care of the forests, you can find them at sawmills, making planks for Handymen or Weapons Masters.

Name Production Level
Ash Ash Jonik Ash WoodAsh WoodAsh WoodAsh CuttingAsh Cutting
Hazel Tree Hazel Tree HazelnutHazelnutBabezel WoodHazel WoodHazel WoodHazel CuttingHazel Cutting 10
Chestnut Tree Chestnut Tree ChestnutChestnutGilbert Chestnut WoodChestnut CuttingChestnut CuttingChestnut WoodChestnut Wood 15
Api Tree Api Tree ApiApiFrancis Premier Api WoodApiwoodApiwoodApi CuttingApi Cutting 20
Birch Birch Birch WoodBirch WoodBirch CuttingBirch Cutting 25
Dry Pine Dry Pine Dry Pine CuttingDry Pine CuttingDry WoodDry Wood 30
Weeping Willow Weeping Willow Weeping Willow CuttingWeeping Willow CuttingWeeping Willow WoodWeeping Willow Wood 35
Palmito Palmito Palmito HeartPalmito HeartPalmito CuttingPalmito CuttingPalmito WoodPalmito Wood 40
Bramble Bramble BlackberriesBlackberriesBramble CuttingBramble CuttingBramble WoodBramble Wood 45
Baby Redwood Baby Redwood Baby Redwood CuttingBaby Redwood CuttingBaby Redwood WoodBaby Redwood Wood 50
Sylvan Pine Sylvan Pine Sylvan WoodSylvan WoodSylvan CuttingSylvan Cutting 55
Cherry Tree Cherry Tree Cherry Tree CuttingCherry Tree CuttingCherry Tree WoodCherry Tree Wood 60
Citronana Tree Citronana Tree CitronanaCitronanaCitronana CuttingCitronana CuttingCitronana WoodCitronana Wood 65
Tadbole Tadbole Oafish Tadbole WoodTadbole CuttingTadbole CuttingTadbole WoodTadbole Wood 70
Pooplar Pooplar Hallowed Pooplar WoodPooplar CuttingPooplar CuttingPooplar WoodPooplar Wood 75
Hornbeam Hornbeam Raging Hornbeam WoodHornbeam CuttingHornbeam CuttingHornbeam WoodHornbeam Wood 80
Mahogany Mahogany Cashew NutsCashew NutsMahogany CuttingMahogany CuttingMahogany WoodMahogany Wood 85
Yew Yew Supernatural Yew WoodYew CuttingYew CuttingYew WoodYew Wood 90
Blood Elderberry Blood Elderberry Mortal WoodElderberry CuttingElderberry CuttingElderberry WoodElderberry Wood 100
Cactus Cactus PowpayaPrickly CuttingPrickly CuttingPrickly WoodPrickly Wood 100
Creeping Vine Creeping Vine LianecdoteCreeping Vine CuttingCreeping Vine CuttingClimbing TreeClimbing Tree 100
Divi Divi Divi Divi Divi Up WoodDivi Divi CuttingDivi Divi CuttingDivi Divi WoodDivi Divi Wood 100
Frozen Wood Frozen Wood Ice PineIce PineFrozen CuttingFrozen CuttingFrozen WoodFrozen Wood 100
Kamaquat Kamaquat Kama WoodKamaquat CuttingKamaquat CuttingKamaquat WoodKamaquat Wood 100
Kokonut Kokonut Kokonut CuttingKokonut CuttingKokonut WoodKokos Nucifera 100
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