Farmers harvest cereals, vegetables, tree fruits and crop seeds that they can replant. At the mill, they can grind their cereals into flour.

Name Production Level
Wheat Wheat Wheat StrawWheat StrawWheat GrainWheat GrainGolden Wheat Grain
Artichoke Artichoke Artichoke RootArtichoke RootArtichoke SeedArtichoke SeedAmakna Truffle 10
Tuberbulb Tuberbulb TuberbulbTuberbulbTuberbulb SeedTuberbulb SeedStingy Bulb 15
Barley Barley Barley StrawBarley StrawBarley GrainBarley GrainAlmond Straw 20
Cawwot Plant Cawwot Plant CawwotCawwotCawwot SeedCawwot Seed 25
Pumpkin Pumpkin PumpkinPumpkinPumpkin SeedPumpkin Seed 30
Oats Oats Oat StrawOat StrawOat GrainOat Grain 35
Babbage Plant Babbage Plant BabbageBabbageBabbage SeedBabbage Seed 40
Magic Beanstalk Magic Beanstalk Beans 40
Beanstalk Beanstalk BeansBeansBean SeedBean Seed 45
Rye Rye Rye FiberRye FiberRye GrainRye Grain 50
Vanilla Rice Plant Vanilla Rice Plant Vanilla RiceVanilla RiceVanilla Rice GrainVanilla Rice Grain 55
Sweat Jute Sweat Jute Sweat Jute FiberSweat Jute FiberJutey SeedJutey Seed 60
Jollyflower Jollyflower JollyflowerJollyflowerJollyflower SeedJollyflower SeedJumbo Jollyflower 65
Corn Corn CornCornCorn SeedCorn SeedSweetcorn 70
Melon Melon MelonMelonMelon SeedMelon SeedHoney Melon 75
Sunflower Sunflower SunflowerSunflowerSunflower SeedSunflower SeedAncestral Sunflower 80
Watermelon Watermelon Abundant WatermelonWatermelonWatermelonWatermelon SeedWatermelon Seed 85
Chili Chili Chaos ChiliTwisted Rump ChilliTwisted Rump ChilliChili SeedChili Seed 90
Black Cawwot Plant Black Cawwot Plant Black CawwotBlack CawwotBlack Cawwot SeedBlack Cawwot Seed 100
Blackberry Blackberry Blackberry ArmorBlackberryBlackberryBlackberry SeedBlackberry Seed 100
Curarare Curarare Curarare SeedCurarare SeedCurarareCurarareRare Curarare 100
Desert Truffle Desert Truffle Desert Truffle SeedDesert Truffle SeedDesert TruffleDesert Truffle 100
Makafee Makafee Golden MakoffeeGolden MakoffeeMakoffee SeedMakoffee SeedPure Arabraca 100
Maniok Maniok Bitter ManiokBitter ManiokManiok SeedManiok SeedSweet Maniok 100