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Name Type Bonus Level
A Book To Flick Through A Book To Flick Through Customization
Act Shy Act Shy Customization
Amaknian Double Bass Amaknian Double Bass Customization
Amaknian Hi-Hat Amaknian Hi-Hat Customization
Amaknian Tuba Amaknian Tuba Customization
Amaknian Umbrella Amaknian Umbrella Customization
Angel Wings Angel Wings Customization
Applauding for Dummies Applauding for Dummies Customization
Ask For Help Ask For Help Customization
A Tissue? A Tissue? Customization
Be an Alchemist Be an Alchemist Customization
Beatbox Beatbox Customization
Beg Beg Customization
Be Indecisive Be Indecisive Customization
Blush with Shame Blush with Shame Customization
Bontarian Bass Drum Bontarian Bass Drum Customization
Bontarian Snare Drum Bontarian Snare Drum Customization
Bontarian Umbrella Bontarian Umbrella Customization
Brakmarian Bass Brakmarian Bass Customization
Brakmarian Drums Brakmarian Drums Customization
Brakmarian Guitar Brakmarian Guitar Customization
Brakmarian Umbrella Brakmarian Umbrella Customization
Brandish a flaming sword Brandish a flaming sword Customization
Brandish Your Big Sword Brandish Your Big Sword Customization