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Name Type Bonus Level
The Art of Booing The Art of Booing Emotes
Tears Tears Emotes
Swear Loyalty Swear Loyalty Emotes
Surf Surf Emotes
Sup Sup Emotes
Sufokian Vibes Sufokian Vibes Emotes
Sufokian Umbrella Sufokian Umbrella Emotes
Sufokian Ukulele Sufokian Ukulele Emotes
Sufokian Ocarina Sufokian Ocarina Emotes
Spank Spank Emotes
Solemn Prayer Solemn Prayer Emotes
Snowball Throw Snowball Throw Emotes
Slobber Slobber Emotes
Slap on the Back Slap on the Back Emotes
Sitar Emote Sitar Emote Emotes
Shrug Shrug Emotes
Show a Booger Show a Booger Emotes
Shilay Lyu Technique Shilay Lyu Technique Emotes
Sharkie Dance Sharkie Dance Emotes
Secret Handshake Secret Handshake Emotes
Scroll Up Scroll Up Emotes
Sändcastle Sändcastle Emotes
Romanticism Romanticism Emotes
Rogue Dance Rogue Dance Emotes