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Name Type Bonus Level
Show a Booger Show a Booger Emotes
Shilay Lyu Technique Shilay Lyu Technique Emotes
Sharkie Dance Sharkie Dance Emotes
Secret Handshake Secret Handshake Emotes
Scroll Up Scroll Up Emotes
Sänd Cästle Sänd Cästle Emotes
Romanticism Romanticism Emotes
Rogue Dance Rogue Dance Emotes
Ring a Bell Ring a Bell Emotes
Riktus Clan Umbrella Riktus Clan Umbrella Emotes
Red with Rage Red with Rage Emotes
Recovery Position Recovery Position Emotes
Read a Map Read a Map Emotes
Raise Your Hand Raise Your Hand Emotes
Rack Your Brains Rack Your Brains Emotes
Queasy Queasy Emotes
Put the Flags Out! Put the Flags Out! Emotes
Present Your Wares Present Your Wares Emotes
Plead Plead Emotes
Play the Bontarian Horn Play the Bontarian Horn Emotes
Plants Your Guild's Flag Plants Your Guild's Flag Emotes
Peer Through a Magnifying Glass Peer Through a Magnifying Glass Emotes
Peacemaker Peacemaker Emotes
On guard! On guard! Emotes