Name Type Bonus Level
Chocolate Bun Chocolate Bun Food
Criticker (Lvl. 2) (15 minutes)
Critical Failure (Lvl. 2) (15 minutes)
Clamembert Clamembert Food
Initiator (Lvl. 20) (15 minutes)
Cornbread Cornbread Food
Heals 124 HP
Cotton Candeh Cotton Candeh Food
Prospecting (Lvl. 20)
Crab Pâté Crab Pâté Food
Vitality (Lvl. 25) (15 minutes)
Crab Pie Crab Pie Food
Dodger (Lvl. 20) (15 minutes)
Creamed Shushu Creamed Shushu Food
Vitality (Lvl. 90) (15 minutes)
Crobak Cheese Crobak Cheese Food
Incandescent Power (Lvl. 22) (15 minutes)
Crummon Crummon Food
Vitality (Lvl. 35) (15 minutes)
Cuddly Candy Cuddly Candy Food
Wisdom (Lvl. 30)
Doughball Doughball Food
For 1 fight, at start of turn:
- Heals 5% of max HP (5 turns)
Dr Pooper Dr Pooper Food
Ghostly Stupor (Lvl. 1) (05 minutes)
Energizing Cocktail Energizing Cocktail Food
Jellifier (Lvl. 1) (15 minutes)
Vitality (Lvl. 100) (15 minutes)
Enutrof Broker Candy Enutrof Broker Candy Food
For one fight:
- +15% chance of applying Broke state
Enutrof Prospecting Candy Enutrof Prospecting Candy Food
For one fight:
- +10 Prospecting
Enutrof Wisdom Candy Enutrof Wisdom Candy Food
For one fight:
- +10 Wisdom
Exhaustavellian Potion Exhaustavellian Potion Food
Omnipotence (Lvl. 25) (15 minutes)
Eye Candy Eye Candy Food
Sugary Precision (Lvl. 1)
Farle Bread Farle Bread Food
Heals 15 HP
Fear Fizz Fear Fizz Food
Prospecting (Lvl. 40)
Felch Bread Felch Bread Food
Vitality (Lvl. 30) (15 minutes)
Filet Moognon Filet Moognon Food
Initiator (Lvl. 12) (15 minutes)
Finan Candy Finan Candy Food
Sugary Strength (Lvl. 1)
Fish Tartare Fish Tartare Food
Fierce Fisherman (Lvl. 1) (15 minutes)