Name Type Characteristics Level
Infected Sack Infected Sack Bags Lvl 136
Cawwottote Cawwottote Bags Lvl 130
Cactasack Cactasack Bags Lvl 117
Vamprada Vamprada Bags Lvl 85
Nunsack Nunsack Bags Lvl 77
The Charity The Charity Bags Lvl 76
Stunted Rat Stunted Rat Bags Lvl 70
Dark Hurl Bag Dark Hurl Bag Bags Lvl 70
Crobak Bag Crobak Bag Bags Lvl 70
Wild Sack Wild Sack Bags Lvl 65
Palassingam Palassingam Bags Lvl 61
Boowolf Sack Boowolf Sack Bags Lvl 60
Cheek Cheek Bags Lvl 55
Voluminous Trapper Box Voluminous Trapper Box Bags Lvl 50
Voluminous Miner Box Voluminous Miner Box Bags Lvl 50
Voluminous Lumberjack Box Voluminous Lumberjack Box Bags Lvl 50
Voluminous Herbalist Box Voluminous Herbalist Box Bags Lvl 50
Voluminous Fisherman Box Voluminous Fisherman Box Bags Lvl 50
Voluminous Farmer Box Voluminous Farmer Box Bags Lvl 50
Silken Bag Silken Bag Bags Lvl 50
Drhellster Drhellster Bags Lvl 50
Larval Pouch Larval Pouch Bags Lvl 45
Macaroony Macaroony Bags Lvl 40
Leafy Bag Leafy Bag Bags Lvl 40