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2010-07-16 16:50
What do you think of the ingame illness system?
Love it! Made me rich!
Have to love having your own personal little cloud.
I like that it makes the game more complex.
I’m sick of being sick.
Honestly, I just ignore it completely.
Grmblbblb… get that thing out of here!
Total : 1160 vote(s)
The Last Classes
2010-06-18 17:37
Which class are you waiting for the most?
Enutrof, trof, trof
Sadida, da, da
R2D2, 2, 2
Total : 348 vote(s)
What are you looking forward to in v2?
2009-08-10 09:44
What is the feature you are most looking forward to in v2?
The combat system, spells
The harvesting and crafting professions
The protectors
The Political system
The ecosystem, Wakfu/Stasis
The graphic overhaul
Total : 740 vote(s)
Clan Members
2009-07-31 10:15
What do you think of the news about Clan Members?
As a surprise, it was a surprise!
Fantastic! It puts a whole new perspective on things.
I'd like to test it before I give an opinion.
CM =/!= NPC, e=mc², hey! Exams are over!
Total : 66 vote(s)